Thursday, April 21, 2011

Logic Says That Obama Posted A Fake Birth Certificate On The Internet

Isn't it telling that there is enough doubt and confusion about Obama's birth certificate to cause a rational person to wonder, yet the media never  asks Obama  to provide the proof, he has possession over, to make a final conclusion? You see, asking one about their birth certificate is actually a question that can only be answered  by heresy testimony, as nobody, even though present at that very time, remembers the day, or place, of their birth. And then again, why all the lawyers, for Obama, to see that this most asked for birth certificate is never produced in court? Now if the certificate he has produced for the media and posted on the internet is REAL, then why not just produce this document in court? MAYBE BECAUSE IT IS FAKE, AND TO DO SO WOULD SUBJECT OBAMA TO A CHARGE OF PERJURY OR WORSE. Wise up morons.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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