Friday, April 29, 2011

Crazy Train

I admit that sometimes I feel that I am on " The Crazy Train" when dealing with this Obama birth certificate issue. As with the Watergate Scandal, this issue is more about the lies, and deceptions, than the actual birth certificate, and the need to know if Obama Sr. is really the father of Obama. the Marxist ll. But the bottom line is that all the problems that have been caused are the responsibility of President Obama, himself. He was not forthcoming at the start, and it is not clear that he is forthcoming, and transparent, even now. Most of the "Birthers" are just regular citizens trying to find the truth, and a way to depose this Marxist President, using the tenants of the Constitution as their guide. This nation has been slowly "sliding" into decay for over 70 years....... during both Republican and Democratic administrations.  Obama has just increased the speed of that decline, and it is for this reason he needs to be removed from office. I truly believe that with the financial collapse, the corruption of Congress, and the Marxist leanings of this President and his followers, this nation will not survive as a Republic to see the elections of 2012. I truly believe that if Obama is not removed from office now, there will only be a Coronation in November of 2012.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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