Saturday, April 23, 2011

The End Of The Republic Is Near

Please don't shoot the messenger, but the elections of 2012, are over. A friend of mind sent me the transcript to a recent Rush Limbaugh radio broadcast. In this transcript, Rush, gave the poll numbers of the dissatisfaction, by American citizens, of the job Obama is presently doing. Rush pointed out that the numbers show that Republicans can easily defeat Obama in the coming elections. That the Republicans have not even chosen a candidate, and the numbers project an Obama defeat. Sorry to bring you the bad news, Rush, but the election is over. The Republicans have no leader. The truth of the matter is that a "Socialist Bible Thumper" (Huckabee), a "Candy Ass" (Romney), or a "Screechy Voiced" Woman (Palin) pose no "threat" to the guy with the "Golden Voice", who has the ability of Svengali and Houdini combined. 

Limbaugh, and others of his ilk, that profess to know how to "fight the socialist Democrats," without engaging in more than a "war of words," are so lost, and out of touch with reality. They don't understand that to win this last battle for the Republic, one must "fight fire with fire". There will be no "special points" given to those who lose the election, but "talked the right talk". And I assure you that this is the last battle for the Republic. This Republic has been in decline for over 70 years. This is not something that has happened because of Obama. Obama is just the "puppet" the socialist have put in charge to "bring the lambs to the slaughter". 2012 was going to be the last battle, but it is already lost. I had tried to get the Republicans to look to a military leader as our next President because only a military leader understands, and can take the necessary actions needed to save this Republic. We are engaged in a war, not a war of words, but an actual war with the socialists. They will fight on regardless of who wins the election of 2012. We need a leader who understands this, and the danger that these socialist exhibit. A leader who understands that in a war, sometimes the rules and freedoms are temporally suspended. Someone, who understands the Constitution, and understands that the Supreme Court is our main problem, and that this unelected group of "thugs" needs to be immediately disbanded. The only Patriots, still standing, and able to defend our Constitution, are the military. When this group of Patriots are finally lead by the "weak sisters" that Obama has been placing in charge, this Republic is just a footnote in history. I had "pushed" to have Paul E. Vallely  named the Republican candidate for President, but have not seen, or heard, one mention of his name by the media. The "window" of opportunity is nearly closed. I guess I will not be writing anymore about Paul E. Vallely. Maybe it is time for this great experiment in freedom to end. Isn't this how all the great cavitations ended? When the barbarians came with swords, they were met with words. Eloquent words, and more, and more, words. But in the end, words could not deflect cold steel.  Good bye, Republic.
Lord Howard Hurts   

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