Saturday, April 23, 2011

Proof That The Elections Of 2012 Are Over

The Oklahoma Daily
Tom Taylor/The Daily
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Contrary to popular opinion, no one is getting rich on the welfare system. In fact, most aren’t even getting by.

Let’s look at the case of a single non-working mother of five who lives in Cleveland County, has been on the public dole for the past 10 years and does not receive child support. Just how much in benefits would she qualify for?

As a family of six, she could expect to receive $952 per month in Food Stamps — now known as SNAP. Since she is not working and has children, she and her children would qualify for Medicaid. Since she has been on welfare for 10 years, she has probably already expended her five year lifetime limit of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families so she will not receive any more cash assistance. Because there are six people in her home, she qualifies for a four bedroom home or apartment to be subsidized by the Section 8 program in an amount no greater than $993 per month for rent and utilities. Because she is not disabled, she does not qualify for any other major programs.

Other than the cost of medical care for her and her children, she will receive $1,945 per month from the taxpayers. That’s $23,340 per year. Does this constitute as rich?

In America, the poverty level for a family of six is $29,990 a year. Essentially, the contributions from the taxpayers allow this family to live at 78 percent of the poverty level."

Are you crying yet?  What logical reason does this single, non-working, mother of 5 have for receiving had earned tax money? None.  But that doesn't stop this socialist government from giving it to her, and thinking of reasons to increase her 78  percent poverty level payments to 100 percent equivalency of a family headed by a working, tax paying, citizen. How about taking this situation to the fullest. Lets encourage more women in Oklahoma to be single, non-working, and have 5 children. Do you really think the taxpayers will work harder to give more? I don't think so. So why not stop giving NOW? Remember, that this particular single woman did receive cash payments for 5 years in addition to the $23,340, plus medical, she now gets. And do you think she, or anyone like her, will vote for a Republican, who will demand that she be responsible for her own actions and situation? Not going to happen.  This same scenario can be applied to pensions paid to government workers, and pensions for union workers  (GM to name one). The elections of 2012 are over. There are just too many people "on the take" for anyone demanding that welfare is for the disabled only, or that all contracts, for government retirement, and union workers pensions, be revised to reasonable levels (no more government bail outs for businesses too big to fail). The only solution is for every, currently working, citizen of this nation to quit working, and go on welfare. Let the system collapse from within. The productive citizens, of this nation, have to stop enabling these "slugs" in government to  take anymore of the hard earnd wages, from the productive citizens,  just to give it out to buy votes. Buying votes is illegal, and this illegal behavior needs to be punished. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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