Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reality: Something To Think About

Maybe, some can't see the forest for the swamp. We are trapped on this earth and everything recycles even if we don't like Green. Some amass a fortune of cash in their lifetime, by whatever means, and they still can't take it with them. When you know how the game of life will end, every time, regardless, then why play so hard? Ego. A Golden Era is a place you never were in time, or a place your mind wants to return to because very few want to discover America. This is why we still talk about Christopher Columbus. Life is a circle, a never ending circle. A point on this circle is no closer to the end than any other point on that circle. Whereas, a straight line has both a beginning and and ending. But the notion that drugs of any kind can change reality is folly. And men are men, and any attempt to "change the rules of Nature" by making men more like women is total folly.  Life is not easy. Maybe the reason everyone comes screaming and kicking into this world is because they were here before, and just don't want to play again. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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