Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Am Paavlov's Dog

Today showing of his long form birth certificate by President Obama revealed little more evidence than provided by the previous short form one he had posted on the Internet.  Everything seems to be in order, the only noticeable difference being the headings. One heading saying, "Certification of Live Birth", and the other saying, "Certificate of Live Birth". Is this of any significance? I doubt it. But at last I can rest and be safe in the assessment made about "Birthers" by Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton (the person who first asked for Obama to show his birth certificate),  CNN,  and other "Believers", that I am "certified insane" for even thinking that there could have been a problem with Obama, and his birth certificate. I accept their knowledge and wisdom. I, from this day forward  will not dispute anything Obama says, and will not speculate on anything he withholds from public display.  I am a "Believer".  I am an unworthy "Believer", so I will now let Ann Coulter, and the other true "Believers" take charge of making the choice of which Republican to challenge Obama in 2012. And, as I am "certified insane", I will refrain from voting in all elections in 2012, as I really don't think persons who exhibit mental illness should be allowed to vote. I will watch Coulter, and the other "Believers",  because I now understand that I am, "Pavlov's dog".  I will also pray to Harvard, three times a day (just before meals. I truly am "Pavlov's dog"). 

Post Script: It is hard to believe that Obama went to so much trouble, and expense, and waited over 2 years, to keep people from seeing the name of the hospital he was born at, the name of the person attending the birth,  and the name of the delivering doctor. What part of "privacy" was he so worried about? Then there is the fact that his mother's race was listed as Caucasian, something that could not be changed as it was already on the first, short form, "birth certificate" he had posted. Was Caucasian really the term used in 1961? Or was this just a "slip up" when the first certificate was "printed"? But then what does "Pavlov's dog" know?
Lord Howard Hurts

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