Friday, April 8, 2011

The Mossad Holds The Key To The Obama Presidency: Feb. 20, 2011

President Obama has repeatedly said Israeli settlements are "illegitimate" and has been less supportive of the Jewish state than most of his predecessors. It had been thought that Obama might vote against Israel on this UN settlements issue, but when the vote came, the United States used its veto to address the threat. It should be noted that this veto from the US was the only vote against  this  UN security council resolution condemning Israeli settlements. Germany, France, and Britain all voted for the resolution. So what may have been the reason for the Obama veto?  

President Obama had been showing his true socialist colors  before, and during the fall of the Mubarak government in Egypt. He has not "blessed" the attempted overturns in Libya, Bahrain, Iran, or Yemen. His dislike for Israel is both shown and known. There is every reason to believe that he is a Muslim, rather than the Christian he professes to be in both his campaigns, and in the press.  And if he is not a true Muslim, he has definite leanings in that direction, and it is a fact that he attended a Muslim school when a youth. The hidden reason that pressed him to use the veto on this current issue is that the Israeli Mossad, the Collections Department, responsible for intelligence-gathering operations abroad, holds the key to the Birth Certificate issue that is now gaining traction even in the media that has supported Obama from his earliest days in Chicago. Obama has used attorney's, and his powerful allies, to have courts in the US dismiss suits on his eligibility;  the theory of those bringing the suits being that he is not a Natural Born Citizen as defined by the Constitution. He has had every case dismissed under the legal theory that the plaintiff has "no standing" to bring such a suit against the President of the United States. Obama has also seen that Lt. Col. Lakin, a distinguished career military doctor, was found guilty for his asking that this President, Obama, prove that he is qualified to serve as President and Commander In Chief. For now the issue continues to only be forwarded by the WorldNetDaily, but polls have recently shown that a majority of citizens in the US have doubts as to where Obama was born.  The Mossad has the "smoking gun," and they have let Obama know it. But if they think that by withholding  this information, Obama, will help with the defense of Israel  in return for keeping him in power, they are so mistaken. Once the Calaphate is established, Obama, will have gained enough power in the US to either stop the Presidential elections, and assume dictatorial powers, or he will have been elected to his second illegal term as President. Either way Israel will be destroyed. It is best that the Mossad turn all its information over to WorldNetDaily, and let them continue to "push" for the immediate removal of Obama.
Lord Howard Hurts  

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