Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Physics and Philosophy of Creation

The following is part of the introduction to my new book. Read and Think.

The Physics and Philosophy of Creation

The purpose of this book is to show, by logical study, that life on earth is just too complex to be an accident. The age old debate of creation vs evolution has gone on long enough, and it is time for  truth and logic to prevail.  "Deep" thinkers tend to think deep thoughts. Logic is like mathematics. For every question there is one and only one true answer. In math 2+3=5 no matter what time of the day, time of the year, upside down, or standing up. It doesn't matter if you change it to 3+2, it still equals 5. Earth is a very complex formula of positive and negative actions. Earth and all its parts exists because it is in perfect balance at all times. The sum of all the parts equals the whole. Remember, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is undisputable. Existence equals balance.  Also remember that matter can not be created nor destroyed. Earth is a closed system. Excepting some occasional hits from space trash, everything on earth is the same as it has always been. Earth exists because it does. It was not created by a creator. Neither did it appear from chaos. Earths physical existence is irrelevant when you debate between creation and evolution. Earth exists and that is that. It is the existence of living forms that makes physical earth special. And,  it is these life forms that spark the debate. Evolutionists take the position that life is nothing more than a series of millions upon millions of accidental attractions. Attractions than in time produce complex life forms that continue to evolve and change to infinity. Fun theory for "Deep" thinkers, but not logical. Show me one new life form or even one "new" original thought. You can't because it is impossible. As we are the product of a Creator, we are not capable of creative thought any more than a computer can think creatively.  As example, take the writings of Cicero of Rome. Now I know this, Cicero, is not the caveman time period, but it should predate current man far enough to give a logical conclusion. If you take some of Ciceros' writing and change the places to places that we are familiar with today, and substitute current common names for the Roman names, you will understand that there is nothing new under the sun. It is logical to conclude that the human mind is finite rather than some evolving intellect imagined by the "Deep" thinkers.  Just a minor note: "Deep" thinkers tend to be persons suffering from inferiority complexes. This is why they tend to "Deep" think, and communicate in an abstract and complex form. It is this inferiority complex that keeps "Deep" thinkers from understanding that complex life forms follow a basic mathematical formula, and all mathematical formulas are logical and exacting rather than chaos born abstract expressions.    /End of Introduction

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