Friday, November 16, 2012

How Are You Doing Financially, SUCKERS?

Wake Up, America!....and stop with the: "General Petraeus was always such a wonderful general and honest human being". General Petraeus was "cut from the same pattern that B. H. Obama was cut". Why else would he have taken the CIA job in the first place, and why would Obama have offered it to him? Just think about this you PATRIOT SUCKERS who are working for a living, and trying to make ends meet during this Obama Administration: Holly Petraeus, the wife of the saintly Gen. Petraeus, since last year has received a job as an assistant director within the Dodd-Frank law's new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at the salary of $187,000 dollar a year. How are you doing financially SUCKERS?
Lord Howard Hurts 

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  1. Better than I was this time last year.
    How are those sour grapes treating you?