Thursday, November 1, 2012

Banned From Facebook

Speaking of censorship, I had an incident with Facebook a few months back. I was told that I had violated the Facebook usage rules. That I had engaged in posting responses that were not "On Topic". I was told to read the rules and to stop posting my off topic blabber. I was further told that until I provided Facebook with my, valid, phone number I would not be allowed to post anything. Now at that time, I was only posting on public persons accounts, Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and such, and I only posted in the "box" that said, "What's On Your Mind?", so I could not understand being banned for posting off topic responses. I gave a phone number, not my own, and received a message from Facebook that they had received this phone number and that I now faced a 15 day "lock out". I was told that after the 15 day suspension, I would be monitored and if I did not continue to abide by the Facebook rules, I would be banned from Facebook forever. After the 15 days passed, I was allowed to continue posting, and I have posted as I had previously, and I have not been "threatened" again........but there is a box at the top of my account every time I open my Facebook that has the phone number I gave when I called Facebook (not my actual phone number), and this box asks that I confirm this phone number and add it to my profile. I noticed that today it was not present.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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