Monday, November 19, 2012

Robot Voters Defeated Mitt Romney

John Stuart Mill was a British philosopher and a political economist. He was an influential contributor to social theory, political theory, and political economy, and was the most influential of all British philosophers (1806-1873).  Even though dead for over 140 years, here is what he had to say about the Obama birth certificate controversy: "If any opinion be compelled to silence, that opinion may, for aught we can certainly know, be true. To deny this is to assume our own infallibility."

In the Presidential elections of 2012, Mitt Romney lost not because he was not the better candidate, but because of the corrupt, Federal, liberal, education system that dominates the youth of America, and spawned millions upon millions of "robot" voters. Here is what Mill had to say about that: "A general State education is a mere contrivance for moulding people to be exactly like one another; and as the mould in which it casts them is that which pleases the dominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, an aristocracy, or a majority of the existing generation; in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by a natural tendency to one over the body." Unfortunately, until the Republicans understand this truism and take action to eliminate Federal control over education..............this great experiment in Freedom, America, is over.

Until the Republican Party understands this "gem" from will continue to be the party of NOTHING. "The only freedom deserving the name, is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it. Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily, or mental and spiritual. Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each to live as seems good to the rest."

And finally, the most important of all the quotes from John Stuart Mill is this one, and if you are a Patriot I ask you to not only think about this, but I ask you to understand the significance of this thought in reference to the fraud and outright corruption that defines the Obama Administration today: "War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."
Lord Howard Hurts


  1. I still say you should change your name to Lord Butt Hurts!

  2. Romney V.2 was designed to appeal to the robot vote. (and I had to prove I was not a robot to make this comment)