Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Had A Dream....But The World Laughed

All one has to do is to look at what is happening in Greece right now...... today, (strange how big media doesn't play this for the public) to view the future of America under Obama. Been there, done that recently, and please remember that Greece is a comparatively small economy in the scheme of world economies.......... It is on fire. Spain, Italy, and France are on the brink. To believe that when the "dominoes" fall, America will have some type of "firewall" of protection is absurd. Can anyone stop the inevitable? No. The world has consumed and spent itself into oblivion in the attempt to harvest votes from the non producers with the unintended consequence of enslaving millions upon millions of persons. The result of this bad behavior is Socialism, an economic system that has never worked for the good of anyone excepting the "thugs" leading the movement. America is doomed without the leadership from a strong military man (I am still the sexist pig) as President. Look, Romney could not even handle Candy Crowley in a debate when she took him to task for proffering a true statement about Obama. I am sorry, Republicans, Mitt Romney was not going to reverse our fall into the depths of socialism. He doesn't possess the skills necessary to make the difficult decisions that will be needed in the near future to keep this great Republic alive. And this is why I have ranted and raved about the value of Allen West for President. In any endeavor timing is the elusive factor that trumps both skill and intelligence. There is always that "window of opportunity" that "makes or breaks" the deal. I have previously mentioned that I had a dream that the "window of opportunity" was October 28, 2012. I told of this dream in a posting: "My dream" http://freedomfiles.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-dreamisrael-must-attack-iran-on.html and on this particular day mentioned, no action was taken by Israel. Only time will tell if this date was the missed "window of opportunity", but I do find it strange that the next day, October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy was predicted and a few days later hit the U.S. with much devastation.
Lord Howard Hurts

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