Sunday, November 11, 2012

Piss Ant

(response from smdrpepper to lordhowardhurts): I'm sure Col. West would agree: What we need is a military dictatorship. Democracy is for wimps!

(lordhowardhurts to smdrpepper): Finally, you have "outed" yourself. Democracy. America is not a Democracy. It is a Democratic Republic. A Democracy is nothing more than a mob in action. Obama, and his administration, has disregarded the Constitution long enough. He has bribed the lower class voters with "Food Stamps" and other "goodies" that he has taken from the producers of this nation, who work and save and follow the rules, while letting the lower class not take responsibility for themselves. Like any Marxist, Obama has "pumped" these lower class persons into believing that they are responsible for all the success of this nation. He has created a mob mentality that believes that the rich are rich only because they stole from the poor. Obama has made class warfare his goal, and so divided the citizens of America that a civil war is nearing. The only way to stop this inevitable progression of events is to have a strong military do its Constitutional duty, and defend the Constitution from all enemy's, both domestic and foreign, and this means for them to remove the Marxist Obama from office. Anyone with half a brain can see that Obama's actions, or lack of actions in Libya recently, lead to the death of 4 American citizens. The cover up......... and the blatant lies about the events leading to the death of these American citizens.............. is an Impeachable act that for some reason the Congress will not  take an immediate action. When the Congress doesn't do their job then it becomes the job of the military, and Allen West seems well versed in the duty of the military. And to say that such an action will lead to a military dictatorship is premature thinking for sure. But when the Congress will not do their job what other option is there to be taken? 
Lord Howard Hurts

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  1. By all means, if America is in such dire, unsaveable shape, do feel free to find somewhere else to live.