Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"when we wake from the "Dream", the first person pronoun, I, will no longer exist."

The U.S. Government is not the guarantor of prosperity nor "Santa Clause" to the wants of the poor, or any other individual, or group of American citizens. The duty of the U.S. Government is that of the supreme defender, of the nation, from hostilities both domestic and foreign, and as the "police" and "arrestor" of those who refuse to follow the Constitution. 

It is time for the citizenry of the U.S. to take full responsibility for their actions, and this includes doing "Due Diligence" before signing any contract. All contracts need to be enforced as written, and contracts not expressed in writing must be excluded from the protection of Government. In other words to further expedite harmony and progress in daily life no contract, unless in writing, can be the subject of a court, and the Government needs to eliminate all "Small Claims Courts" as they are mostly an expression of Principle rather than a real claim against some factual contract dispute. This one act alone would empower the citizenry to assume full responsibility for their own behavior, and lessen their dependence on thousands, and thousands, of lawyers who make a living by servicing "revenge" rather than working to punish those in actual breach of contracts. 

Private business should be just that, PRIVATE, and there should be no business that is protected by Government because it is "too big to fail". And no politician should have a term of office greater than 8 years, and all pensions for politicians should be voided, past and present, to stop the corruption that now exists from "vote buying". Freedom is Responsibility and Responsibility is Freedom. Americans have become too "soft" and this softness has placed us in the position we now find ourselves. We have a President who is, in all outward actions, a Muslim, but professes to be a Christian.......and who has turned this great Republic into a Democracy run by the "Food Stamp" recipients rather than the productive minority that represent self responsibility. We are living in "Wonderland" and when we wake from the "Dream", the first person pronoun, I, will no longer exist. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

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