Saturday, December 8, 2012

The War On Drugs Was A Complete Failure?

The War On Drugs was a complete failure, and now Colorado and Washington (state) have passed laws, by wide margins, that let 21 and older citizens possess up to an ounce of marijuana. These new laws are also expected to end the "rule of marijuana by lawless thugs", and allow private persons to be licensed to both cultivate and sell this "harmless" drug (like alcohol is a no problem drug for Americans). Similar to the lottery, this new star revenue producer is expected to fund millions upon millions of dollars annually for schools, roads, and other projects for the "poor". Sounds so "Progressive" and "Liberal", that I laugh at the silliness of this vote by the majority. First, all research points to mega problems with long term use of marijuana, but this point will be minor if one thinks the "War On Drugs" was a failure. Get ready for another government boondoggle. This one will be more corrupt and taxing than the current second coming of Obama.

Marijuana is in reality nothing more than a weed, and as such it takes little, to none, of actual farming experience to master its growing.... thus anyone who possesses seeds can be a grower. When the state licenses and taxes such a common product it is apparent that the "lawless thugs" can undercut the licensed product and make a good living. The old "War On Drugs" will be replaced by the "New War On Drugs", and the thugs will continue to flourish because they can sell their product cheaper than the state licensed marijuana. Has American gone crazy? If this thinking is the result of the American education system then we need to immediately shut-down the entire Federal Education System, and let the individual states handle education as they can afford and see fit. The result of doing this can be no more destructive to the well being of this nation that what we have now. And, just what schools did Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Edison attend? This nation spends more on education than any other nation on planet Earth today, and we still have students who can not tell you which President is found on the "Lincoln Head Cent", or what state is named after the Mississippi river. A little legal marijuana mixed with the Federal Education System insures that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to find qualified "flag holders" on road construction jobs, or burger flippers who know which side of the burger to place the pickle. Wake Up, Patriots! It is time to face reality and take charge. Do you understand "1776"?
Lord Howard Hurts

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