Thursday, December 27, 2012

NBC's, David Gregory, Should Be Legally Punsihed

NBC's, David Gregory, pulled a TV stunt this past Sunday on "Meet The Press", by confronting NRA's Wayne LaPierre with a 30 shot ammunition "clip". In his "attack", Gregory asked LaPierre if the shooter, in the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School incident, had not had a "clip" with such a large capacity....would fewer persons have died? This ambush by Gregory, with the display of this rifle ammunition "clip", was illegal according to the laws of Washington D.C. It has been stated that Gregory had asked D.C. officials for "special" permission to use a large capacity ammunition "clip" in his TV "attack", but that this request was denied. The code in question states: "No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm." There is no doubt that the overly zealous Gregory had in his possession a large capacity ammunition feeding device, and it doesn't matter a fig if Gregory's intent was to use this ammunition "clip" only as a "club" against LaPierre. The law says that it is illegal to possess a large capacity ammunition feeding device. The liberal press and Democrats love to impress that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law, so to keep things consistent, Gregory should be arrested and prosecuted just as any "regular" citizen who might hold this code in contempt. 

The Wall Street Journal has called the investigation of Gregory, "entirely nonsensical". Greta Van Susteren, of Fox TV, has said that any investigation is a waste of resources. She further stated,  "Investigating NBC’s David Gregory? Really? Can we be any sillier?" CNN's Howard Kurtz has stated that gun owners and Tea Party types want government to just leave them alone, but now are demanding that Gregory face prosecution for this TV stunt. Kurtz's also mention that he doesn't understand the "turnaround" by these gun owners. Well it is time for these liberals to understand that tax paying Americans are tired of the special privileges accorded those judged to be advancing the liberal, progressive, agenda. The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits states from denying any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. David Gregory knew the D.C. code and was aware of the consequence of breaking that code, therefore he should be treated not a some special messenger of the Obama Administration, but as a regular citizen protected by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Gregory is guilty and should be punished, or the code regulating large capacity ammunition feeding devices, in D.C., should be immediately abolished. Selective enforcement of our laws is the main reason that CORRUPTION has become America's number one problem.
Lord Howard Hurts

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