Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fight For The 2nd Amendment!

It is most unfortunate that the American education system is both driven and controlled by a Federal Government that has, for the past 40 years, viewed all violence to be wrong, and has pushed for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment. In its quest for compete pacifism, of the nations citizenry, the focus of all progressive legislation has been to use the mass killings of children, by mentally ill persons, as the standard by which to accomplish the deed. 

The Patriots of this great nation are now compelled to engage in a debate that is driven by those who would desire the confiscation of all guns because these weapons could prove more powerful than any vote at a ballot box. It is a fact that one gun can control hundreds of persons, where as no law, passed by government, can quell a group of armed defenders of the Constitution. It is unfortunate that the Patriots of America feel compelled to debate on this issue, much like the fraudulent Presidential debates, that crushed Mitt Romney this past November. There is no debate on the 2nd Amendment. There are only facts and more facts:

1. The 2nd Amendment was designed by the Founders of this nation as the safety "valve" should our Federal Government become so corrupted by the failure of the leadership to follow the specific intent of the Constitution. This Amendment is the means by which the then Constitutional minority will be able to use in an attempt to restore Freedom (48 million Americans on "Food Stamps" is nothing less than vote buying by corrupt politicians. And this one fact is proof that this nation is moving away from the Constitution and towards socialism. Personal responsibility is being replaced by personal want.).

2. All mass attacks have either been political or initiated by persons suffering from some form of mental illness. Neither type of attack can be 100% avoided. The only rational response to these attacks is to punish the perpetrators...... not the good citizens who follow the Constitution. Bad things happen to good people, but that is life, and this fact should be the focus of all our educational systems rather than the current, silly, notion that if guns are outlawed the "outlaws" will be civil, and not use guns as the means of accomplishing their objective. 

3. Persons who commit crimes of mass death need to be punished in a speedy fashion, and if found guilty the punishment should equal the crime. It also should make no difference if mental illness is found to be the motivation. Taxpayers don't need to be burdened with supporting mass murderers. 

The NRA needs to stop engaging in debate with liberals who believe that "Disney World" is a real life destination, and want it to be the model of civil American society. The NRA also needs to stop with the comparisons between Switzerland and Sweden and their gun control laws. These comparisons are irrelevant. Both countries have a population of about that of New York City, NY. What works in a small population doesn't always work in a much larger population, and America's population is both diverse and 30 times larger than these two European countries. What the NRA should be focused on is HISTORY, specifically the history of the world before and during World War ll. The NRA should ask the Congress and this President, "Was it wrong for the Jews to show violence towards Hitler and the Nazi nation that desired their complete destruction?"  Only if one says that the Jewish resistance to Hitler and his murderous regime was wrong, can one be against the 2nd Amendment. NRA............don't fight a corrupt government on their terms. Study history and inform the youth of America about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. I leave you with this:

Emmanuel Ringelblum, the author of a diary about life in the Warsaw Ghetto, wrote in 1942:
"Whomever you talk to, you hear the same cry: The resettlement never should have been permitted. We should have run into the street, set fire to everything in sight, have torn down the walls, and escaped to the Other Side. The Germans would have taken their revenge. It would have cost tens of thousands of lives, but not 300,000. Now we are ashamed of ourselves, disgraced in our own eyes, and in the eyes of the world, where our docility has earned us nothing. This must not be repeated now. We must put up a resistance, defend ourselves against the enemy, man and child."

Lord Howard Hurts

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