Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sandy Hook Is Not A Second Amendment Gun Issue

The tragedy at Sandy Hook is not a Second Amendment gun issue, but it clearly is an issue about a mentally deranged person who got access to weapons owned by his mother....... and this mother was fully aware of her son's mental illness for many years, and as a result she also paid the ultimate price because of her failure to act as a responsible citizen of this nation. And had this young, mentally deranged, person killed just one child with a hatchet.......would the tragedy be any less than the killing of 20? 

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of America is not a granting of "hunting weapon rights", it is a tool provided by our Founders to preserve Freedom for the citizens of this Great Republic. Our Founders knew that in time corruption would erode the freedoms of the citizenry, and another Revolution would need to be fought, and so they provided that the Second Amendment be a clear warning to those who would corrupt this nation, and take the Freedoms provided for by the Constitution. And for those who believe that we don't need the Second Amendment I ask them to take a few minutes to view this linked video. We need to never forget what can happen to a citizenry that can not defend themselves.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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