Friday, December 14, 2012

Life On Earth Is Just Too Complex To Have Been An Accident

Have you had enough of Obama and the Democrats? No? Read this and wonder why you are working hard to pay taxes so that things like this can continue: “out of control” government spending that has included such significant expenditures as $5,000 stipends for people to think about what food would be good to eat on Mars while sunbathing on a Hawaiian beach.
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Now on the subject of Mars, and the Space Program in particular, do you understand that there is no need for further study of "Space" because we humans of Earth are not going there EVER. Check out these facts and then decide if America needs to continue to spend billions upon billions of taxpayers money to be the world leader into Space.

1.  The International Space Station orbits the Earth at an altitude of about 250 miles. 

2.  The speed of the Space Shuttle, when it operated in space, was about 18,000 miles per hour. So at this speed it would take approximately 8 months to travel from Earth to Mars, and nearly a year and one half for a complete roundtrip (and some people worry about going on a car trip of 2 days).

3.  If the Space Shuttle was to travel out of our solar system and towards the star nearest to Earth, how long would this trip take? Forget it. If the Space Shuttle somehow could travel out to our nearest star, Alpha Centauri, it would take about 165,000 years just to get there. Now, knowing this and the fact that any planet that might have life on it is further out in space than this nearest star, do you really believe that taxpayer money used for space travel, and exploration, is something you feel is a reasonable expenditure of the Federal Government? 

4.  There is no actual, logical, reason to believe that there is another Earth in our galaxy. And without life or oxygen or temperatures that humans can live with... explain to me logically why the taxpayers of America should fund further study of Space? Why not explore the oceans of Earth? The oceans hold the future for an Earth with an expanding population.

5.  Our nearest galaxy is 2 million light years away from Earth. Traveling at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second. And at this speed one could circumnavigate the Earth 7.5 times in one second) this means that it would take 2 million years for a space vehicle to reach this galaxy. So travel to the next galaxy is next to impossible even given the ability to travel at the speed of light, and it must also be remember that NASA scientists believe that any space vehicle that traveled at the speed of light would act like an atom smasher and form new types of matter as it proceeded. 

6.  Life is just to complex to be the result of some chaotic "atom smashing" that moved from chaos to a precise mathematical organization. It is a fact that all life on Earth can be deciphered from the mathematical codes that provide the key to their existence. Thus proving that there must be a Creator. Now the big question: "Is the Creator dead or alive?" The answer is very simple: "The Creator is alive". This same precise mathematical code that defines life also contains a knowledge of the Creator. It is up to the individual Earth human to either accept or deny the existence of the Creator. All animals and lesser life forms have no "Free Will". And because of this fact they can not make any material changes in what happens on Earth day to day. Only man was given "Free Will" and only man has the ability to destroy life forms by making incorrect decisions. To deny the Creator is to deny life itself.

7.  For Earth to have been visited by Space Travelers there must be something faster than the speed of light. All the UFO sightings can't be fake. There are many "normal" persons who have seen "Space Ships and Aliens People". Think about it. If there were actual Space Travelers visiting Earth, why would they not stop and make themselves known? From what we understand about space travel, these Aliens would be a most advanced race, and would mentally dominate Earth humans, and so they would have no fear about showing themselves. I believe that some sightings and stories about Space Travelers are true. Then from where do these Space Travelers come? The answer is simple: Earth. They come from a Parallel Universe or Alternative Reality. This explains why the Space Travelers are seldom seen at populated places on Earth. Further, it is most basic to understand that the lights of the large cities of Earth would be an attraction to any Space Traveler. But in reality so many sightings take place in desolate and small cities and towns that this one fact provides the clue that these travelers are not here by intelligent planning. The fact that they never stay or make themselves known is proof that they are occupants of Earth, and they exist in an Alternative Reality that humans can not fathom...... proof that their visits are not planned. For some unknown reason these travelers are able to penetrate into our reality, and for whatever reason they are not interested in communicating with humans. This Parallel Universe also would explain why the Space Aliens can breath Earth's oxygen. From what we do know about space, there is little oxygen and it would be assumed that Space Travelers could not live on oxygen. Given the distance and speeds needed for Space Travel this Parallel Universe theory is the only logical answer as to where Space Travelers call home. So isn't it time to demand a stop to all space exploration and use our tax money for exploration of the oceans? Our oceans are our future. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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