Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lord Howard Hurts, Leader of "The New Tea Party"

The defeat of the old guard, Republican, candidate, Mitt Romney, in the elections of 2012 is validation of the "old  saw" that to continue to do something over and over again............ while expecting a different result is total insanity. This past, lost, election has clearly left the "Tea Party", and the true Patriots of this nation, on the defense. Every day some liberal media pundit "pounds" the "Tea Party" and its members into irrelevant nothingness based on this historic loss. It is time for the "Tea Party" to choose a leader who knows how to fight "progressive slime" using the age old tactic of "Divide and Conquer", and who will find the lost "Moral Compass" that has guided this nation since its beginning. Unless there is some new type of resistance to this assault from the liberal Democrats, this once great Republic will wither away, and become a footnote in the "Big Book" of world history.

I nominate myself, Lord Howard Hurts, as the leader of  "The New Tea Party". My first objective will be to totally confuse the liberals by taking two issues that are part and parcel to the liberal thinking of the voters that re elected Obama, and making them the priority of  "The New Tea Party". These two issues are: "Make Walmart pay a working wage to its workers", and "Legalize marijuana". Now don't close your mind to this strategy. Read everything before quitting, and going back to "knocking your head against the wall" in another failed attempt to enlighten the voters of America that there is no such thing as a "Free Lunch". 

"Make Walmart pay a working wage to its workers." I picked this issue because Walmart is the number one employer in the public sector, and to bring Walmart "down" would show that "The New Tea Party" is not to be trifled with or dismissed. And the issue is legitimate because so many of the workers at Walmart are only part time employees and are in fact on "Food Stamps". It is an undeniable fact that those who work for a living should not qualify for taxpayer food assistance. Another reason for choosing Walmart for "destruction" is that some of the founding family of this behemoth corporation, who are the wealthiest of Americans, supported Obama in the past election. What better way to reward the people who financed Obama's re election? My theory is to bring Walmart down hard and fast, and let this be a  show of the strength of "The New Tea Party", and while all this is happening how can the liberal press find fault?

"Legalize marijuana." There is no holding back the "flood gates" on this issue. I propose that "The New Tea Party" get behind this issue "fast and furious". This is a sure winner, and it will invigorate the mass of old hippy types from the sixties and seventies (also known as the "Viagra Set"), and all the voters 18 to 40. How can the liberal press, and Democrats, find fault with this social undertaking? They can't........and because "The New Tea Party" will be on the forefront of progressive change, the lions share of support will move from the Democrats to "The New Tea Party", and the fight for voters will be divided rather than a "sure thing" for Democrats. This new tactic will force the Democrats to immediately "Push" more liberal ideas in their attempt to stay on "Top", and these new ideas will have to be more socialistic.... and when America "hits bottom", the electorate will either choose more conservative leaders or America will be lost. Either way isn't it better to "hit bottom" now rather than later? Always remember that change that is brought into play slowly becomes the norm and Revolution becomes the way of the "Crazies". Lets bring radical change into play now, and not let the electorate become accustomed to it so that Revolution can be an option in the future. 

If you agree with this strategy please send this to all your Facebook friends and ask them to become friends with Lord Howard Hurts, leader of "The New Tea Party". If I don't get at least 3 new friends from this posting, I will stop the rants and raves and go quietly into retirement.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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