Monday, December 24, 2012

3 Shadows Following.....Zurich, Holds The Treasure

Today is 24 December 2012, and for the past week, I have had a nagging premonition that I am being followed. I have seen 3 different men of about the same build and clothed in casual wear, attire, and they have been at every place I have traveled for the past week.......... and I am not sure that they were not doing this previously........... and that I just had not detect them. They are either Indian or Pakistani, and they never have engaged me in conversation.........they just 'dog' along. 

About 3 weeks ago I decided to come to my home in La Vella, Andorra, to think and sort out a plan I had devised to inform my Facebook friends about my most unbelievable story..........A story that started in 1970 while I was traveling from South America to Miami, Florida. Now I am sure many of you are skeptical about many of my posting on my blog: and take them, as you should, with a 'grain of salt'. But in view of the past Presidential election on November 6th, I am going to reveal to my friends something quite unbelievable. Now when I say 'Unbelievable', I mean that it is something that is very, VERY, hard to believe, and I admit that even I have been flummoxed for many years over the reality of whether this story is true or a delusion. And without going into the details of this 'Unbelievable Story' at this time, I will inform that I possess one of the 'Treasures of the World'. I have had it 'hidden' in a safe deposit box in Zurich, Switzerland for most of all these 40 plus years. And until recently, the past 10 or so years, I had never really thought of it as more than an art object with a 'supposed remarkable history'. Then after all these years I began to think that this treasure really might have some type of 'magical' quality that could be the actual cause for my great wealth and happiness. I have tested my theory and so far it has proven positive, but when I reveal all the information on this treasure, I will let the readers give me their input on the validity of my theory and their 'take' on the reality of this treasure. I state that my motive is only to awaken the American public to the fact that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident. That there must be a Creator somewhere, and it is very possible that this Creator just might hold a special thought for America and Israel. 

A few years ago I had attempted to get Dr. Corsi of WND (World Net Daily) interested in this treasure, but my inability to communicate about an object that I myself was skeptical about just did not interest him. But since then I have given this object more thought and have tested it several times, and I am quite convinced that it has some ability to 'power up' both the conscious and unconscious mind of the person holding this treasure. But this will all be detailed in a further paper, as I am wondering just what these 3 'shadows' have in mind, and why they are following me.

My purpose for writing this preview, at this time, is just to inform that I will be going to Zurich soon and hopefully will return to Florida with this treasure......... and will be posting a more detail account of this treasure and its history. In the event that something unforeseen should happen to shorten my life, I just want it known that somewhere in a bank in Zurich is a most 'Unbelievable Treasure'. More to come, hopefully, in a few weeks.
Lord Howard Hurts

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  1. Oh good, looks like the birther menace is about to end.