Monday, November 5, 2012

Idea From The Past

Lord Howard Hurts • 2 years ago -

Isn't the act of doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result called Insanity? Isn't this exactly what our past policy dealing with Cuba has been? It is time to stop and think, and formulate a winning policy, and it looks like Obama has chosen a policy that may break Castro's hold on the freedom loving people of Cuba. Now, I don't think he intended this policy to do anything accept bolster the failing current communistic government, but I also don't think that Obama is nearly as smart as the drooling media portrays. I would think that Obama would rather give, outright, taxpayer aid to the Castro government, but even he is not dumb enough to think that the republicans, even as "toothless" as they are, would let this idea pass. As a matter of fact, I would advocate opening travel to Cuba to any US citizen, and not put a limit on the cash that could be transferred  Let Cuba see the American dollar and meet the American citizens. Their own desire for freedom will take hold, and within a year or so, Castro will be "history". Let the strength of the dollar be our guns. Have faith that the people of Cuba know and want freedom from "slavery," and will take charge of their own destiny. Let's back Obama on this idea.
 Lord Howard Hurts

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