Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where Is The Outrage From Congress?

Where is the outrage from Congress (Benghazi, Libya. The lying and failure to provide needed military support during a terrorist attack.), and why is President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, still in office, and not sitting in jail, charged with Treason? The American military is so politically corrupt that it also is AWOL on this issue. On September 17, 2012, I wrote the following article,  "Tail Is Wagging The Dog": GO Mavericks!     
http://freedomfiles.blogspot.com/2012/09/tail-is-wagging-dog-go-mavericks.html    Read it and Think:

America has been corrupted by both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Our Supreme Court is "stacked", not with Constitutional Scholars, but political hacks holding self serving law degrees. Our Congress is totally corrupt and composed of "scavengers". Our President invents composite women friends and lies about his former college employment position, all the while not letting anyone view his actual school records so that his "claims to superior intelligence" can not be verified. 

Then we have the military of this nation. Although it is the most vital part of our national stability and the part of government that keeps the peace both domestically and worldwide, it is also the most despised and ridiculed department of our national government. The young men who serve, and give their lives for all the freedoms that American society possesses..........are viewed as "not so bright" Americans, "dumb guys who can't get a real job." And as President Obama strips away more and more of our Constitutional freedoms, and lessens the "bite" of the Congress through Presidential Edicts, the military stands by and does nothing. 

Our Constitution clearly makes the military the last resort to tyranny. Officers of the military take an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemy's, both foreign and domestic, but alas, the American military has been so politicized by the corrupt Congress, and past and present Presidents, that the leadership of this military is more focused on homosexual rights than doing its duty to defend both the Constitution and the citizens. On October 28, 2012 there will be an event that will change the world. It is time for the Mavericks (those who moved up the ranks from enlisted men) to take charge and "throw out all the corrupt paper pushers and homosexual appeasers" that now control our great Republic, and to make America strong once again. It is time to start teaching that America is a Republic and not a Democracy. A Democracy is nothing more than a "mob without restraint by logical law". Voters in future national elections must not be persons who are receiving government "handouts". For those on the dole will always vote for those who will increase the dole. When a nation as wealthy as America has over 46 million citizens receiving "Food Stamps" it is apparent that the "Tail Is Wagging The Dog". GO Mavericks!
Lord Howard Hurts

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