Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 Rachel Maddow Slams Drudge-Teased Obama Video, Romney Campaign’s ‘Racial Appeals’
by Meenal Vamburkar | 10:08 pm, October 2nd, 2012

Maddow ranted that the video is the product of the Romney campaign. She further made mention that back in 2008, John McCain chose not to campaign using racial divides.  She also asked why the McCain strategy was to not focus on the racial aspect between McCain and Obama, but why Romney was now choosing to play to the racists in the Tea Party. Well for one, McCain knew that should he focus on the racial divide, he would bring down the wrath of the media, and lose all creditably with black voters, who in all probability were going to vote Obama anyway, but to run as President of the entire country....he needed to seek some black support. But the main deterrent to him using the racial divide was that Hillary and Bill Clinton had already tried to "knock out" Obama with the revelation that Obama was not qualified to be President because he had been born in Kenya. This information to the Clinton's was provided by investigators who had come into contact with the information provided  by Obama's literary agent. In promoting the then Harvard graduate, B. H. Obama,  a booklet was produced by the agency, Acton & Dystel, making mention that Obama was "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii." This was in 1991 and this "misinformation" continued, unchecked by Obama, until 2007. Then, after Hillary and Bill had made mention that Obama was not qualified to be President because he had been born in Kenya........  on August 13, 2008....... a man entered the Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas, and shot, and killed, Party Chairman, Bill Gwatney. This was two weeks before the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Gwatney was a personal friend of Hillary Clinton. The murderer was killed by the Little Rock police, but no motive for the crime was ever found. It has been said by close Clinton associates that this murder was taken as a sign that Obama and his Chicago "posse" were going to play "hard ball".

 The Clinton's were on the "wrong track" with their contention that Obama had been born in Kenya. This was just another of Obama's lies to promote his book and himself. What the Clinton's did not know, was that the birth certificate issue was a real problem for Obama, and something that he and his handlers did not want investigated. You see, Obama was in fact born in Hawaii, but his actual birth certificate contains handwritten addendum's to the official document making note that Frank Marshall Davis was his actual father. ( )   This was a "skeleton" that Obama was not interested in having made known, as he was now a "Literary Super Star", and there was not time enough before the election to "clear the air, and get back on track", as Hillary was, at that time, gaining momentum to win in Denver. And as a side note, and another quirk in the Obama campaign: In 2007, two openly gay members of the black liberation mega-church attended by Obama, and his wife, Michelle, for over twenty years, were murdered. No motive or killer has ever been found by the Chicago police, but the 76 year old mother of one of these young men, Donald Young, has publicly stated that she believes that her son was killed to keep embarrassing revelations about the homosexual tendencies of President Obama a secret. Donald Young was found, shot to death assassination style in his Chicago apartment. Soon after, another black gay member of the Trinity United church was murdered in his home. He also died of multiple gunshot wounds. He was also a friend of B. H. Obama. Now these two deaths could have been coincidental, but lets be many persons, friends or acquaintances, have you known to have been killed by multiple gunshot wounds, and the person or persons who committed the crimes was never caught? 
Lord Howard Hurts

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