Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama Is A Known Traitor

Why is President Obama still in office on this day, October 25, 2012? He has lied repeatedly about the events of the terrorist attack in Libya which killed 4 American, government, employees. Better still is why is Mitt Romney being viewed, by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, and other supposed conservative talk show hosts, as "Brilliant" in reference to the way he (Romney) handled himself in the recent debate? "Brilliant"? Romney is a fool and a narcissist. He had every opportunity to "beat Obama down" on his lack of truth concerning the Libyan terrorist issue, and he chose to use, as Rush Limbaugh expresses it, "Brilliant Strategy". Strategy? Brilliant? Romney used cheap parlor tricks on Obama. This nation needs a real leader to rescue us from the depths of the socialist ideology that President Obama has subjected us to these past 4 years. All Romney had to do during that debate was to tell the truth, and demand that Obama resign. Oh, this would not be Presidential. Bull Crap. Mitt Romney is just another empty suit looking for his place in history. If he cared about America and it's working citizens, he would have told the unvarnished truth, and demanded answers, and not worried about what the likes of Rush Limbaugh would say about him the next day on his EIB (Ego Is Big) network. This nation is in for a huge surprise when, and if, Romney wins. Romney is the Soros choice. I don't mean to imply that Romney got together with Soros, and that they have some pact, but I mean that Romney is everything Soros wants in an American President. Romney is Obama lite. If Romney is a real Patriot he needs to demand that Obama immediately explain, once and for all, the details of the terrorist attack on Libya, and also why he, Obama wears a gold band, inscribed with an Islamic phrase, on his left hand. Why has Obama told the world that this gold band was a wedding gift from Michelle when this same ring can be clearly seen in photo's from his college days? Obama is a known traitor, and it is time for Romney to stop with the cheap parlor tricks, and act like a leader. The truth will always win. Donald Trump is the only real Patriot in the news today. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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