Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney Proved His Worth In The Second Debate

What a debate! We have a winner in Mitt Romney. I will never forget the way he handled the Libyan question. The way he handled the confused, misleading, and downright lies about this disastrous and deadly attack on both the American citizens, who were killed in this terrorist attack, and the integrity of America. Mitt stood up to both Obama and Candy Crowley on this issue, and I will never forget how he attacked Crowley for being partisan and interfering in the debate. To use Mitt's words:

 "Candy. First you are wrong and you are attempting to deflect the truth on this issue. President Obama was AWOL on the issue for almost 2 weeks. He lied then, and he is lying now. Why have you decided at this time in this debate to be "Miss Fact Checker"? No. President Obama did not handle this volatile situation with speed or enough force, and he clearly did not inform the American public just what the real facts were.....then or even now. Today, we hear that the "Buck Stops With Hillary Clinton". Who is in charge of this country? This is precisely why I entered in this race. America needs a leader not a narcissistic, AWOL, President. It is time for the citizens of this great nation to Wake Up! It is time for the citizens of this great nation to vote out this man who has so destroyed the economy of this nation, and who now stands before millions of Americans and says that he believes in Free Enterprise when there are youtube videos out which he says that the Free Enterprise doesn't work, and has never worked. No Candy, you are a fraud and have lied to the American public tonight."

What a man, Romney. If someone can't "stand up" to a member of the liberal media how can you expect them to "stand up" to Russian President Vladimir Putin, or Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Oh wait!................Mitt Romney never said the fore mentioned quote. He just stood around with a "deer in the headlights" look, and was run over.........but he smiled. Romney is a waste of time and effort. Let Obama win by default and let the new Congress remove him. "Smiling Joe" Biden will bend either way. He will be a much better choice than Romney in the long run. Let Congress lead this country for 4 years, and worry about getting a real leader next time.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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