Friday, October 5, 2012

Romney Is A Soro's Pick

The Presidential debate this past Wednesday was interesting to say the least, but it only increased the intensity of the "choirs". Romney is still a very weak candidate, but the Republican faithful are blinded, and have been blinded from the start about his actual leadership ability. Romney is the Soro's pick. I know that this statement is hard to believe in view of the performance of Mitt in the debate last Wednesday against the smartest man in the world, but facts are facts. Why do I say this, and what is my proof? I say this because it is true, and the same was true the last Presidential election with John McCain. During the debate on Wednesday you did not hear Mitt Romney state that the differences between himself and President Obama are differences not only in the approach to getting the economy back on track, and getting Americans working again, but that he (Romney) will defend and enforce the Constitution as the law of the land. That America is a "Nation Under God", and that he (Romney) will see that the States Rights are restored; and that the Federal Government will relinquish dominance over education and other social issues that are not clearly part of the defense of this great nation. And that he (Romney) will further review the qualifications of the members of The Supreme Court, and remove those that are not qualified. I know, don't tell me...........I am a "crazy person". But let me give you some history.................for you see........... history is usually the best and "cheapest" way to look into the future. 

In B. H. Obama, we have a man who claims that he is the son of a goat herder from Kenya. The fact.....if he would let anyone view his actual birth certificate, in the vault in Hawaii, to verify that it is the same as the one he posted on the that his father is Frank Marshall Davis, an American, not a goat herder from Kenya. Now why would Obama, who knows this truth, continue to pretend that he has his roots in Kenya? Well this was something that he was told by his mother, and he spent his entire early years living in this dreamy fantasy. I don't know at what age B. H. Obama actually found out that he was not the son of this goat herder, Obama Sr., but by then it was too late. "The Die Was Cast". Kenya was the home of the revolution against British Colonialism. Kenya was the home of the "Mau Mau, One man, One vote".  And America, in the "eyes" and view of B. H. Obama, was the same oppressor of blacks as the British had been to blacks in Kenya. And this is why President Obama has made his election more of a social reform movement than the typical American political party. Proof? He has said that he wants to raise up a Civilian Security Force as well funded and as large as the American military. Is this something that should have been overlooked by Mitt Romney? Does Mitt Romney know the history of Kenya? Does Mitt Romney know what is happening in Kenya, Zimbabwe or South Africa today? Does he understand that these three African countries are taking away property rights and redistributing the wealth as you read this article? Isn't it strange that B. H. Obama wants to redistribute wealth in America? No, Romney met the enemy and refused to acknowledge it. Romney appeased the professed leader of "Hope and Change", and America will be the worst for this cowardliness  Romney refused to expose B. H. Obama as the Marxist that he truly is........and the cowardly Republicans cheered him on.........they cheered his great victory over B. H. Obama in a debate that did nothing except intensify the divide between the blacks of America; and the Patriot's don't see the "Writing On The Wall", and refuse to study history......... and I assure you that the Republicans will be so surprised and confused by what is coming after this November 6, 2012 election. Remember George W. Bush? Remember all the "hurrah" during his elections? And how did he really turn out? No, the American voter is uneducated in history and more focused on unrealistic economics, as "served up" and defined by the "Harvard Types", than preserving Freedom and Individual Responsibility as defined both our Constitution and by our Creator. The debate in Denver, on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, was the day "Freedom in America Died". So now, I will depart for Hot Springs, SD, and will attempt to get my new home finished before November 6th, as I believe there will be many persons wanting to "visit" me there. For those who might be interested in my new home, please read:  and if things do get tough after the elections, please stop by for a "spot of tea".
Lord Howard Hurts

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