Friday, May 6, 2011

Remember The Gordian Knot

"To prevail, the U.S. must continue to transition from a conventional war footing to an unconventional version and make the enemy pay a heavy price for their despicable tactics. Who said this? Do your own homework, and you will find the name of the only person qualified to be our next President.

 I don't think that the Founders of this country sat around wishing for "hope and change". This country is nothing but a Nation of Sheep. We need a leader with "vision", and a clear understanding of the Constitution. This country is in decay, and unless this decay is "cut out", this Republic will not survive to even see the elections of 2012. The "Banner" must be raised, so that troop can see that there is something, and someone to follow into the battle. The "Banner" should be the call for the Impeachment of President Obama. There are more than enough Constitutional issues to bring charges. Forget, that this will not motivate our "Corrupt Congress" to  convict this Marxist, Obama, on the charges of Impeachment, but let the few in Congress, who are not either brain dead, or corrupt, lead. If the "Troops" are not gathered together, then there will be no elections in 2012, and no Republic either. Our Supreme Court needs to be challenged. Force them to handle real Constitutional issues. Obama is not qualified to be President of this country, based on our Constitution. It matters not if he was born in Hawaii or Timbuktu, his father, according to the official birth certificate, was a British Subject, and this clearly is not with the Founders declaration that a President must have two parents who are citizens of this country.  Do your own homework, and get informed as to what John McCain had to do to get on the Presidential ballot. Fact or fiction; Remember The Gordian Knot!
Lord Howard Hurts  

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