Sunday, May 1, 2011

Apples Lower Cholesterol Levels

The old adage, An apple a day, keeps the doctor away, has new meaning according to the latest studies coming out of  Florida State University. It seems that after 160 women, chosen at random, were given dried apples for one year, and their total cholesterol level dropped, on average, 14%, and their LDL cholesterol level dropped some 37%. This from eating just 2.7 ounces of the dried fruit each day. Another plus to eating these dried apples is that although 240 calories was added to the daily diet, there was a resultant weight loss of over 3 pounds per participant. It seems that the apples blocked the adsorption of fat. Although dried apples were used in the study, it is assumed that fresh apples would produce increased results. And it doesn't matter the type of apple.
Lord Howard Hurts

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