Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Code of Life

Here is the deal. Nobody lives forever regardless of what they eat, or what vitamins, or herbs they take. People with clogged arteries die from heart problems, and people who have no clogged arteries die from heart problems. This is positively unexplainable, and this is a fact that can be verified by doctors who do autopsies. Here is the code of life: 33% based on heredity; 33% based on how you take care of yourself; and 33% based on just the plain "Unknown". This is why there are so many different ideas surrounding, and defining, "good health". I believe that the "mental aspect," of what you perceive as personal good health, is more important than is now acknowledged. But will "modern" medicine pursue this line of thought? Probably not, and this is understandable, because how can money be made off of someone using their own power of positive thinking to help them self to better health? Money makes the "world go around". So using this code, you can see that a person who has a genetic health problem, but still takes care of himself and has a positive outlook on continuing life, stands a 66% chance to "win" a better and longer life.
Lord Howard Hurts

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