Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Gordian Knot" Solution To Obama Being Qualified To Be President

We are a Nation of Sheep.  It seems America might just have it's own, " Mystery of the lost Dauphin."  Jerome Corsi's book,  "Where's the Birth Certificate?" is very relevant, and should be a "must read" for every concerned citizen in this country. It is relevant because we are a nation ruled by laws and not men. We have a Constitution that controls how this country is ruled, and it was designed to preclude men of popularity, or men with another alliance, from subverting this rule of law to a country run by selective enforcement, or popular vote. We live in a Democratic Republic, not a Democracy, like so many misinformed citizens either think, or have been taught. To find an example in history of this difference, one only has to look to The French Revolution to understand the short fallings of a country run by a pure Democracy (rule of the mob).  In this book, Mr. Corsi makes the case that President Obama is not qualified to serve as President, based on Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution.  There is page after page of documents that make the case that President Obama has not told the truth about his birth certificate, or his family history. The "lapdogs" in the media have take up the "call" to attack Mr. Corsi, and the so called "Birthers". These rabid media "ass kissers", don't care an ounce about the truth, or that this issue of eligibility is a serious Constitutional issue. They are worried that Americas first, half black, half white, President, who wraps himself in the image of  a true African-American (black), will be proved to be a complete fraud.

When dealing with things that are controversial, one needs to employ Pure Logic so as to get to the truth of the issue. The issue here is that President Obama has had presented 2 birth certificates that he, Obama, purports to be True Copies of his Hawaiian certificate. Now, using logic, and because this is a nation ruled by law, rather than men, I propose this "Gordian Knot" solution to this entire dispute. Let President Obama,  as he was a lawyer  (it has also been reported that he is a Constitutional Scholar) and knows the importance of Swearing Under Oath to provide evidence of truth, stand before the citizens of this country, and personally swear that the birth certificate published by him is, in fact, his actual, Hawaiian, birth certificate. That in the interest of bringing the citizens of this country together, and to provide proof that he is the President of all the people, and not just those that adore him, that he will provide all his school records and papers, all his passport information, all his college loan information, all his selective service records, all his Harvard papers, and that he will let all concerned citizens have access to his birth records in Hawaii (of course there would be a charge for anyone wanting to see them as it might present a burden on the state of Hawaii) so that anyone, who disputes his word, can conclude for themselves that he is being both Truthful and Transparent. Bet it never happens.
Lord Howard Hurts

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