Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ghost Cities In China

Recently, I have received some very disturbing emails from people who say that they know of a plan by China, to not only change the world as we know it today, but to completely accomplish what Alexander The Great was unable to accomplish in his time period. It is a most unnerving account, and frankly, I have no idea if what I have been sent is real, or some type of sick humor. But when one looks into the history of China, and takes the time needed to get acquainted with the mentality of the Chinese people, this story not only seem reasonable; it seems inevitable. Without going into great detail, I will give the reader, a "snapshot" of what I have personally learned, and what I have been told. I am doing further study on this, and hope that in the near future I can post a more definitive study on the Hopes and Dreams of China. 

Throughout it's long history, China has been ruled by many strong leaders. The people of China have a large "gene pool", but with few outside influences, thus  China is a society of few variations in genetic options. The "will" of China is focused in the mass of its population like no other country in the world. This accounts for the precise meaning of their spoken words, and because their words are so precise, the meaning of what is expressed is clear, thus avoiding disputes as to what is "really" meant.  And for this reason, Chinese will be the language of the world in the not too distant future. For many years now, China has had a policy of only one child per family. This policy was implemented in an attempt to stem the population explosion that had cause both labor and food problems in a modern China. The outcome of that policy is that it has a birth ratio of 120 boys for every 100 girls...and it is projected that by 2030, 25% of Chinese men in their late 30's will never have a "mate". This lopsided birth ratio will be more pronounced in the rural areas, and among the less educated, and the poor, making  these men more susceptible to joining the military; a military that has its "eyes" on world expansion.  Now here comes the problem. Are you aware of the Ghost Cities of China? I must admit that I had a very difficult time believing that there are actual, new built, modern cities all over China that lack a population.... Ghost Cities. If you will follow this link, you will see just what I am talking about;  Now my source says that the reason for these Ghost Cities is that in the very near future, China will invade Australia, and take as its reward,  Australian women to supplement and infuse the future population of China. And in the process, it will use Australia as a "colony" from which it can utilize the large amount of raw materials found on the Continent, and export its (China) "crushing" population, so as to lessen the density of the homeland, and at the same time increase the "gene pool" by millions of diverse "new genes" so as to better the entire population of China for the next 100 years. As I mentioned at the start, this report is most troubling, but at the same time it can't just be "blown off".  The Chinese have always been a very aggressive and intelligent race. When you see all the commotions in the world today, there is only one super power that is not involved, and that super power is China. Is it possible that they are not involved because they need the "Divide and Conquer" strategy to see that none of the other super powers are prepared to help Australia with its defense?
Lord Howard Hurts

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