Sunday, May 1, 2011

Donald Trump Has A Brain

Donald Trump is correct in asking for the documentation as to Obama's passport, his adoption records, his college, and his selective service records. I would think that Obama would be happy to show his sterling academic records  so as to prove that Trump doesn't even know how to spell DUMB.  Why all the calls of Trump being a racist for asking? All the birth certificate issues were caused by the failure of Obama to produce, in a timely fashion, the asked for long form birth certificate. There are still reasonable issues involving this certificate, but none of these issues are because of anything Donald Trump did. It is the incorrect information provided by Obama Sr., and members of President Obama's family. Now that it has been established that Obama Sr. is the father, and Obama Sr. was a British Subject and or subject of Kenya, it is understood that President Obama can not be qualified to serve as President of The United States of America, as he is not a Natural Born Citizen, as defined by the Constitution at the time of its signing. So continue to make the silly jokes about Trump, and we will see who is laughing last and best.
Lord Howard Hurts

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