Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Narcissistic Pesident Has Caused Us Great Harm

This bin Laden killing is proof positive that we have a sophomore as President of this great nation. He has placed the entire population of this nation in jeopardy because of his narcissistic need for recognition and power. The killing of bin Laden need not be revealed to anyone. But this is not the way for Obama. He is on the media "crowing" about the event ad nauseam. If this had been an operation sponsored by either China, or Russia, they would deny, deny, deny. They are experienced and professional, and know that to "crow" about the killing would bring the "crazies" out of the "woodwork". The United States of America now faces a consolidated front  from "crazies" all over the world. The citizens of this country will soon find that our narcissistic President has caused us great harm, from his "media moment". Failure to remove Obama from office before the elections of 2012 will prove a fatal flaw for the survival of this great Republic.
Lord Howard Hurts

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