Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Limbaugh Might Be Right

My Recurring Obama 'Dream'

By David Limbaugh | May 16, 2011;  "Can you imagine how insufferable President Obama would be about his record in office if he actually had abundant positive accomplishments? Have we ever seen a starker contrast between a politician's record and his self-assessment of it?"

I think that Limbaugh has hit upon the reason for all the "conspiracy theory's" surrounding Obama (his birth certificate, his books, his failure to provide his school records and passport information, his real estate deal with Rezko, and now his sudden bin Laden, ever changing facts, kill.), before and after being elected President. Not only do the facts change every day; sometimes every hour; the facts never lead to a clear picture as described by either Obama or his friends in the media. It has been my personal observation from 66 years of living on this planet, that if something doesn't make logical sense, it probably is  a "fairy tale".  Take one issue. That of Obama's birth certificate. He is questioned and makes available, on the Internet, a copy of a short form certificate. It doesn't contain enough information to prove where he actually was born. He "stonewalls" for over 2 years, and after the media declares that he is so smart not to provide his long form, as it encourages his followers to provide him both re-election money and support, and the fact that "Birthers" will never believe it anyway, he again uses the Internet to make his long form certificate publicly available; All the while "laughing" at the stupid "Birthers", and Donald Trump. Well, this new certificate may well be his true birth certificate, but why has nobody noticed that he, himself, Mr. President, has not personally shown, and sworn, under oath, that this is an actual copy of his birth certificate? That he, again, uses his "willing stooges" in the media to slander and libel anyone who uses logic and expects the truth from this President, when there are still more questions than answers on this "second" birth certificate? For instance; Where is the seal from the state of Hawaii on this "new" birth certificate? How about someone from Hawaii, swearing, under oath and penalty of imprisonment, that this "new" long form certificate is, in fact, a true copy of the one held in the records of that state? We have become a PC correct, Nation of Sheep. Personally, I believe that as it has now, legally, been proved (to Obamas satisfaction) that Obama's father was a British subject, Obama is not qualified, by the Constitution, to be President of The United States of America because he is not a Natural Born Citizen.  I would like to see the Supreme Court rule on this before the elections of 2012. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

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