Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obama and Pot Pol, Striking Similarities

I have been getting a lot of "heat" for my repeated concern that if Obama is not removed from office before the elections of 2012,  it will be the end of this great Republic, and the noble experiment of Freedom, rule by law instead of men, and Free Enterprise, called America. Most Americans are too worried about the financial crisis we are confounded by to take the time to understand that all this crisis is nothing more than government corruption, and that the solution for a recovery can not be left in the hands of those who created the crisis in the first place. The Republicans, who in fact, and actual practice, don't display a dimes worth of difference over the theories and policy's of the Democrats, continue to tell this Nation of Sheep that the elections of 2012 will provide our salvation. I contend that this is a wrong assumption based on the fact that we have, in Obama, the most secretive person ever elected to the Presidency. What we know about him is derived entirely from what he, himself, publishes and voices. There is no checking his word. Take this Birth Certificate situation. He has never showed his birth certificate, yet he has his lapdog media publish and voice that he has twice made his birth certificate public. If it is a fact that he has shown his true birth certificate, then he needs to swear, under oath, and penalty of perjury, and imprisonment, that what is posted is in fact his true birth certificate from Hawaii. He has not, and will not do this, based on the simple fact that what he has posted is a fake birth certificate. I will not go into the details of why it is fake, I will only prove it is fake by the fact that Obama has not, and will not make a sworn statement that it is a true copy of his certificate as found in the records of Hawaii. Then, as his birth certificate is in the public display, there would be no reason to stop anyone who desires to go to Hawaii, and investigate the records, and be assured that this posted certificate is true. Notice the fact that this is not an option, Hawaii forbids this action, and Obama doesn't give his permission. The only recourse, for "Birthers,"  is to be publicly ridiculed and slandered for not accepting Obama's word.  Sheep maybe don't understand, but I take this as "Prima Facie" evidence that Obama has lied, and has had presented a fake birth certificate. 

Now to get to the danger of Obama not being removed from office prior to the elections of 2012. To make this posting easy to understand, go to:   and hear President Obama, in his own words talk about his idea for a Civilian Security Force. Do your own homework and thinking on this subject. To me this proves conclusively that Obama is a Socialist, and he has an agenda that is against the Constitution he had sworn to follow and protect. Now, to understand the implications of his words, do your homework and go to: Pol Pot 1975, part 1, and  Pol Pot part 2. I give you these examples because they are fairly current and if you listen to them carefully, you will see that Obama has many things in common with Pol Pot (secrecy of personal history, prime example). So you can either, study history, and study the actual words of Obama, or continue to live in a Nation of Sheep. The  future is coming and it is not going to be what you expect  unless you take action now. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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