Sunday, February 1, 2015

the 'Secret' that has been hidden from you

America is spending  more and more of its workers 'forced' contribution of taxes on education, and health care, in an attempt to prove that man is the 'Ruler of Earth', and that there exists no Creator. As the deficits mount up......the quality of life for the taxpayer goes down. There is no disputing this fact, but the government 'brainwashing' continues. The Ego Maniacs such as B.H. Obama ll, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and most every person seeking public office in America, refuse to acknowledge that not only is there a Creator, but that there is a plan ruled, and enforced, by 'Nature' that keeps the necessary balance for life on planet Earth to continue. And please don't waste your time writing me that these 'great' Americans are Christians, or speak about their faith, or rant on that they support our Constitution. Yawn. Yawn. These morons are Ego Maniacs, and their actions don't match their lame collection of words that hold no understanding of Created life. Actions are the only true measure of words. The actions of these professed leaders prove conclusively that they have no understanding of created life. I am going to give you the 'Secret' that has been hidden from you by these Ego Maniacs and their 'brainwashing'. And if the truths I provide to you are followed, in a matter of months, America will be on its way to a complete economic and mental recovery. 

The Federal Government funded education system has so repressed the ability of our population to think logically, and rationally........ and has so repressed the logical idea that "Life is just too complex to have been an accident", that most Americans fear the only thing on Earth that is inevitable, Death. Death is the only reality that exists on Earth for all living things. Don't quickly dismiss this basic fact. Think about it logically before reading further........."Death is the only reality that exists on Earth for all living thing."

 Insanity has been defined as: "Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result." Isn't this the theme of American government today? I now will give you the 'Secret' to a more sane and fulfilling life, and the recipe for economic freedom for America, and the world: "Death With Dignity. And quality of life rather than quantity of life." 

Once one understands that death logically follows birth...... logical thought turns to "when will I die?". And America's current economic problem is that there is no way for the working citizens to pay for the quantity of life demanded by those who refuse to accept the truth of existence. As example: We are told that every person in America should know how to administer CPR because CPR saves lives. But is this really true? Absolutely not. Here is the reality: In only 8% of the cases where CPR was used did the patients survive for more than a months time. And of these 8%, only 3% went on to lead a 'normal life'. 

America is now providing health care based on the patients idea of reality rather than the reality of the experience of the doctor. In times past the doctor prescribed the 'cure' based on the fact that every patient will die at some time. And not having the technology afforded the medical providers today, quality of life most always trumped quantity of life. Today that logical concept has been turned upside down by technology even as the cost of this technology has 'exploded' while the percentage of extra time on Earth for the patient only increased by days or even weeks. This cost burden on the working taxpayer has increased to the point where the workers of America can not afford basic medical care because of its unbelievable cost.  Does any of this make sense to logical and rational thinkers? Of course not. It is time for America to wake up and face reality. Death is part of living, and to live is to die. Technology should be used to provide the sick with a means to face death with dignity, and comfort, rather than to provide a false hope to the ego. If the Creator did not want death then he would not have made it part of living. And furthermore, it then can be logically assumed that death is not the total end of life.......because what is the logic for creating something only to have it die? 
Lord Howard Hurts

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