Friday, February 6, 2015

Brian Williams Will Continue..........And So Will The American Decline Towards Socialism

It is time for NBC to show Brian Williams the door. What a moron. If his lie about being in a helicopter that was hit by a RPG in Iraq in 2003 wasn't enough........his excuse of a mental lapse,  “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.” enough to remove him from the anchor’s seat for his “Nightly News”. If NBC has any journalistic integrity then the 55 year old Williams will be looking for a new job come Monday morning. 

Isn't it enough that we have a Muslim President who pretends to be a Christian? And isn't it enough that we have a front runner in the 2016 Presidential race who told a lie about being under fire during a visit to Bosnia in 1996? Of course this liar was none other than Hillary Clinton......the famed cattle futures expert who turned a 'mysterious' one thousand dollars investment into a hundred thousand dollars profit overnight. So maybe this lie, told for over 12 years, by Brian Williams is just the stuff that keeps this nation in its state of decline. If President Obama can invent past events (his composite girlfriend in his, "Dreams of my father") with impunity, and Hillary Clinton can miss recall events in Bosnia with impunity, then why should 'Lying' Williams suffer any loss? After all he is only the top journalist at the media giant NBC, and this media giant does its duty for the American public of reporting the truth about current events and politicians every day. It is not like this media giant (MSNBC) has someone like the Rev. Al Sharpton, liar and tax cheat, as a news host.........wait......they do have the Rev. Al Sharpton as a news host. Forget it. Brian Williams is going to get a raise in his pay, and America will continue its decline into a socialist state.
Lord Howard Hurts

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