Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Christian Patriots Must Start A Revolution

As I sit here in my most comfortable 'digs' in San Jose, Costa Rica, I feel that I will make one last rant to awaken the Patriots of America to the coming crisis: Christian Patriots of America. The end is coming and it is your own fault. You sit around and read articles that point out the fact that our economy is running parallel to the economy of the Great Depression of 1928, and you do nothing except 'wring' your hands, and whisper your discontent. You continue to follow the religious leaders of your church when they are clearly not following, and teaching, the actual tenants of the Bible. You have chosen to sit around and criticise B.H. Obama ll, our Muslim President, rather than to get off the comfy couch......and rally and protest....... like the Liberals, Socialist, and Communist do. You sit and wonder how it is possible that 50 million Americans can be dependant on "Food Stamps", but you do nothing to stop this blatant buying of votes by these traitors of America.....our President and Congress. You wonder how it is possible that America has a recovered economy, according to the Obama Administration, when 15% of the working force of this nation is unemployed, or under employed........and receiving some form of taxpayer aid. You know that B.H. Obama ll is a Puppet and a Fraud.....but you continue to sit on that comfy couch and complain. It is time to get up and rally..... and demand that our military do its sworn duty of protecting the Constitution from enemy's both foreign and domestic......and this means not only B.H. Obama ll and his corrupt Administration, but this includes Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, the Supreme Court, and the entire American Congress. America needs a 'cleansing' and a rebirth of Patriotism.  America needs the leadership of someone like Allen West. The time for complaining is over. The American economy is about to crash, and when it does it is not probable that America, and the Constitution, will survive. It is time for Christian Patriots to take action, and to take names and kick 'ass'. It is time for Americans to read this one narrative on the coming crisis, and to demand that B.H. Obama ll be removed from office.
Lord Howard Hurts

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