Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PM Netanyahu Has The Hammer

Patriots. Please read this 'New Important Information'. And be ready to take Action to return America to the Greatness of the past; And to remove all the traitors, and corruptors, now leading this nation to destruction.

When the long form birth certificate, posted by B.H. Obama ll partisans, on April 27, 2011, was released, the media took it at full 'face value'. The controversy was over as far as the lap-dog media was concerned. It was time for the President to continue the job he was elected to administer rather than have to deal with this false "Birther" issue....so said the corrupt media. But have you noticed that President Obama has never sworn that the document he had presented was in fact his 'True Long Form Birth Certificate'? He has not only avoided this confirmation, but he has also stopped anyone from comparing this certificate with the Original one, on record, in Hawaii. 

Because he has posted his birth certificate on the internet, for hundreds of millions to view, why would he stop anyone, that wanted, from gaining access to his Original certificate in Hawaii? He has done this for several reasons, and one being that this posted certificate is a FAKE. He needs the lap-dog media to continue 'sleeping', and giving 'bad' press to the "Birthers". My information says that Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of Israel, through information provided by the Mossad, has the information on this birth certificate controversy that will 'drop the hammer' on B.H. Obama ll, and his administration,  with the likelihood of sending the U.S. into civil war anytime he sees the necessity of doing so........in protection mode of Israel. That said, PM Netanyahu  is attempting to negotiate with President Obama rather than risk the uncertainty of the events, and then having to deal with the unintended consequences that could come from his exposing Obama as a total Fraud. 

To help ascertain the validity of this information, one only has to review the statements issued by Obama with regard to his Middle East policy, and then compare these statements with his confirmed actions. In other words, compare his rhetoric with his actions, and you will find that Obama is 'back peddling', and doing so for a reason.......His personal survival as President. PM Netanyahu, has the 'hammer', but he just isn't sure how, or when to use it. The removal of Obama as President, at this time, makes it a near certainty that his replacement would be Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, and she is no more respected by Netanyahu than Obama. The lack of a Strong Republican candidate on the horizon is the confusing issue. A  Republican candidate such as Allen West, would probably make it possible for Netanyahu to formulate the correct time to drop the 'hammer' on Obama, but this is a most unlikely scenario given the current unknown, or next to unknown, status of Allen West. With the unrest in the countries surrounding Israel, the time factor is making for a definite decision to be made in the next 6, or maybe 10 months. Israel is being 'pushed to the wall', and only with the leadership of an Allen West will she, and the world, survive without World War lll beginning. PM Netanyahu is smart, and he has the nerve of a world class poker player. Let see what March 3rd brings. I have confidence Israel will survive. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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