Thursday, February 19, 2015

Christians Must Take A Stand OR The 'Show' Is Over!

American Patriots. The show is over. You have chosen to sit too long, and have continued to vote for the best of the worst in every election. You have let the traitor RINO's confuse your better judgment. You have let the socialist, the homeless, the unions, the uninformed, and the Democrats, petition; and strike; and demand; your hard earned taxes without even the slightest fight. You have let this Muslim President, B.H. Obama ll, stay in power when he has repeatedly defied the Constitution and Liberties of this once great nation. You have stood by, and worked, and paid your taxes, and have done nothing to force our military to do its duty to protect the Constitution from all enemies, domestic and foreign, by removing this 'Usurper' President. Patriots, you have continued to sit and wait for the return of Jesus to confront the Socialist, Muslim, invaders that now sit and control your government. You have been betrayed by your own religious leaders. Do you think that I am insane? Do you find my rant nonsense? Well the 'show' is over unless you get the strength to stand behind the coming of PM Netanyahu of Israel before a joint session of Congress, on March 3, 2015. You must finally take a stand, and demand the ouster of our Muslim President, Obama. It is now or never. 

Here is my proof that America, as defined by the Constitution is over. Remember that the Socialist and Democrats are always screaming about the definition of 'Separation of Church and State'? Well I want you to read everything that is printed by:  Email: Phone: 202-358-3595. 

This is the first paragraph from this HHS initiative: "Faith and other community-based organizations are hosting Second Sunday and Faith weekend of Action events across the country. This toolkit provides resources to help plan and host Health Insurance Marketplace outreach and enrollment events during the 2014/2015 open enrollment period. Open enrollment ends on February 15, 2015."

Patriots, when you find the Federal Government working with all religious organizations to promote 'Obama Care' you have to understand that this is proof that the Federal Government is now leading American religion. And if you have 'half a brain' you know that the Federal Government is vehemently against anything even remotely Christian in nature.

America is a Judeo/Christian nation. It always has been regardless of the twisted rhetoric spewed by our Muslim President, and his corrupt administration. It is time for Christians to stand and fight for their religion. It is time to stand behind the coming of PM Netanyahu; and it is time to demand that B.H. Obama ll be removed from office, NOW! God helps those who help themselves. Wake Up Christians. You have seen what was done to those Egyptian Christians just the other day. This will be YOU......... should you continue to sit and vote for RINO's and not have this Muslim, Obama,
removed. President Obama is a Muslim by birth, and he has continued to mislead this nation of this fact. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

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