Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lets see if PM Netanyahu is worthy of being a descendant of King David

Israel is dying 'inch by inch, day by day', and as long as the Obama Administration exists there will be no Peace or Progress. PM Benjamin Netanyahu is to speak before a joint session of Congress on March 3. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus intimate that they are going to be absent because they allege that PM Netanyahu's attendance is a slight to 'Muslim' President, B.H. Obama ll. And any speech by PM Netanyahu, before the American Congress, is perceived as a political attempt by this PM to assure his election back in Israel. The Congressional Black Caucus further states that the very appearance, at a meeting before the American Congress, of PM Netanyahu will cause the forthcoming nuclear treaty, as devised by Obama with Iran, to disintegrate into oblivion making the world a more dangerous place, and putting the entire Israeli nation at risk. 

I’m determined to speak before Congress to stop Iran,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said to the American media. And I, Lord Howard Hurts, personally hope that in his address to the Congress on March 3, that PM Netanyahu doesn't hold back on our 'Muslim' President. Israel is in a "Do or Die" situation, and the time for the 'fake diplomacy' is over. It is time to call the bluff of this 'Muslim' President, and his irrational and moronic followers. It is time to let the world know that B.H. Obama ll is not the son of a 'goat herder' from Kenya. It is time for PM Netanyahu to awaken the American public to the sordid facts of this 'Usurper' President.......because the lives and future of all the citizens of Israel are in the balance. I implore PM Netanyahu to remember that the followers of the CBC constitute only 13% of the American population should they all disapprove of PM Netanyahu's coming speech before the American Congress. So lets see if PM Netanyahu is all bluster, or if he is worthy of being a descendant of King David. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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