Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Without A "Moral Compass", America Is Dead!

Lets face facts. Career politicians are mentally ill persons. What normal person would want to play "God" everyday, kiss every whining baby in sight, or eat the unhealthy meals they have to consume while giving speeches to which nobody really listens? Politics is nothing more, and nothing less, than favoritism and corruption. And for a nation to survive, the trick is to keep corruption to a minimum. And this can be done by seeing that no politician stays in office long enough to be able to gain enough name recognition so that future voters become comfortable voting the "name" instead of the "message". Unfortunately, America has not applied term limits on its politicians (funny that the President is restricted by law to a specific length of office, why?), and is now paying the price. "The patient can be saved, but the surgery needed is not something the patient will allow.........and without the radical surgery the patient will slowly die".  End of Story. 

FACT: America is DEAD unless someone, before the November elections, finds the "Moral Compass", and uses it to lead the nation back to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".
Lord Howard Hurts

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