Friday, July 13, 2012

Patriots! Start A Revolution. Make Allen West The Republican Candidate For 2012

The Drudge Report today said that Condoleezza Rice is the frontrunner for VP according to inside information from the Romney camp. How is it that so many Republicans can't see that they are being played by the old guard, GOP, insiders? Romney is just another George Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, or John McCain, Loser. When are we going to get out of "Wonderland"? Let me give you Republican suckers the bad news. George Soros has 3 picks for the next American President. His picks are: 1. Obama, 2. Hillary "My daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, and 3. Mitt "Let me ask Ann if I can do that" Romney. Do you really believe that John McCain was not a Soros pick in the last election? This Romney nomination is a classic setup. With 3 strings for his bow, Soros can't lose. The game is rigged. But stupid Republicans continue to "hope and pray" instead of Thinking and Taking Positive Action. It is time that Patriots demand that Allen West be the Republican nominee for President. The  Republican suckers again are influenced by big media to believe that Romney is a real choice over Obama, and to seal the deal, Soros needs only to have Romney pick Condoleezza Rice as his VP. The suckers remember how close the last election was with Palin as VP, and they suddenly smell a win. Wrong. Condoleezza is a bad choice for so many reasons that I will not even start......but being gay is one reason for sure. If the suckers would only focus their brain on Greece, Spain, and Italy, they would understand that this Presidential election just might be the most important election of all our history. Massive Inflation of the U.S. dollar is coming, and it will destroy not only the savings of the citizens who played by the rules, but it will bring out the worst of the worst in our society. The only hope to preserve this great Republic is to have a military man in control during this time of confusion, and that is why Allen West is the right person for the time. Go to youtube and find videos of him. Listen to these videos and THINK. It is not too late to draft him as the Republican candidate to face Obama in November. The GOP old guard will say, "Well, Col. Allen West is a nice man, and we really like him, but he lacks the experience of politics that Mitt Romney has......maybe in 8 years Allen will be ready." Turn the Republican Party upside down. Romney is a shill. He is "rubber man". He will be what his handlers want him to be. Romney is a fraud just like Obama is a fraud. Patriots Unite, and make Col. Allen West our next President. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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