Monday, July 9, 2012

Romney Is A McCain Clone

Hardworking, tax paying, suckers of America, Wake Up! Massachusetts governor, Patrick Deval, member of the Democratic party, recently vetoed a bill that would have reformed the EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer, cash payments to "welfare" slugs.) system, in his state, to stop "welfare" recipients from using these taxpayer granted cards for purchases of jewelry, services in nail salons, and rental centers. Like the idea that these "welfare" slugs get to use your money on these services and products? Oh, I know. You are not worried because you don't live in Massachusetts. Well check on just what your state lets it's "welfare" recipients purchase with the EBT cards it gives out, and maybe you will be surprised. And should Massachusetts have financial problems, could it not get money from the Federal Government? Isn't the Federal Government the place where you are forced to pay the most of your tax money? 

The corruption and vote buying in this nation is so massive that only a new Congress, a new Supreme Court, and President, would be able to bring normalcy back to America. It is time to stop electing persons who work all their life to be elected to some public office. It is time to draft successful, moral, persons who will take the job and not want to make it a career. It is time to demand that  no pensions will be given to any elected government officials. Make term limits a reality without having to pass a law specifically dealing with term limits. Republicans, draft Allen West, and dump the professional campaigner, Mitt Romney. This would be a start to corruption reform. Face the facts; There are three Presidential candidates, in 2012, who the Marxists in America support: B. H. "I never ride my bike without my helmet" Obama, Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, and Mitt "I shot varmints with a gun" Romney. Remember  John McCain? Remember how he was at 2% favorable to Republicans, but then the press "trumpeted" that he was the only Republican that Democrats would vote for, and that he was so scary to the hard core Democrats that they wanted him gone. Then the suckers in the Republican party took the "bait" and elected him as their candidate.........well, the rest is history. Romney is a McCain clone. Wise Up! Draft Allen West and see what happens.
Lord Howard Hurts

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