Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Race War Is Coming

One  doesn't have to be a Nostradamus to "see" that there is a Mack truck full of dynamite heading towards America at "Mach Speed". The national press, who never saw the housing crisis coming, is again on "guard duty". This crisis is going to be a race war, Black on White. It is time to forget about the Political Correctness, and face reality. Black youth unemployment is over 50%. These young Blacks hold few moral convictions, and are driven by pure commercial concerns. And while the racist Black leaders, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, rant and rave about how White America has "held Blacks down", they demand more handouts rather than demanding that Black Americans stop identifying themselves as hyphenated Americans (African-American), and act like citizens of this nation rather than visitors on asylum from Africa. To find the proof of my prediction, one has only to check on the latest number of attacks by Blacks on Whites during the recent July 4 celebrations. And please don't be impressed by the different government agency's that "see" no racial cause for the attacks. It happened, it was racial, and it will continue to happen until we have leaders who will stop this destructive behavior.

The Federal Government has too long attempted to "buy" Black votes with handouts rather than face the reality that Blacks in America are not assimilating into society..........that their social structure is morally broken......and that handouts don't build moral character. Handouts just breed envy and distrust, and ferment racial animosity that will lead to civil war. Call me a racist if you want, but facts are facts, and this nation is headed towards one big racial war unless we can get behind a leader who can bring some moral understanding to those in need. 

President Obama is a destroyer. He suffers from some type of mental illness that leads him to destroy this nation rather than working to bring responsibility to the Black citizens of this nation who are on the edge of Revolution.  And while this Obama situation is progressing we have, on the other side, the "Anyone but Obama" crowd. These mindless White citizens are just fueling the "fire", and at the same time delusional in their thoughts that Mitt Romney is the next savior........Romney is the next Republican "Bob Dole Moment"! Romney is as much of a fraud as Obama. Obama writes fiction about himself and places himself in the role of the hero, all the while pretending that it is all true. While Romney pretends to be the big businessman and only has to view the photo of him on the back of the watercraft driven by his wife, Ann, or listen to the audio, where this past week, she interrupted him and attempted to clarify his statements, to know that he is a "Sissy Boy". No, Romney is a puppet and a clown with the ego to match that of Obama's. There is only one Republican who can break the race barrier, and who will make the hard decisions needed when the race riots start. This person is  Allen West. There is still time to dump Romney and choose West. And failure to do so will bring final disaster to this once great Republic, and reduce Freedom to being just an idea once again. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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  1. Mr. Lord Howard Hurts, I understand your points. Although, the GREAT ENEMY and GREAT DANGER to this country right now is the CORRUPT,IMPOSTOR,LIAR, and GANGSTER Obama. He will use ANY DISHONEST MEANS to be re-elected.
    Unfortunately, there are many stupid people in this country that BUYS the CROOK Obama´s LIES.
    This is why EVERY AMERICAN MUST be UNITED to DEFEAT the FORGED Obama, does not matter if is with Romney or Allen West. I also support greatly Mr. West. Although, right now, it is not time to be radical against Romney. If he is chosen to be the one against Obama. LET IT BE, FOR NOW. I believe Mr. Allen West will have his chance in another time.