Monday, July 30, 2012

Draft Allen West, Now!

I hear Republicans everyday say, "Well, I will vote for Romney, but I really liked Huntsman, or Gingrich, or Bachmann. But regardless, we need a real conservative at the helm who understands small business and will see that laws are passed or repealed that will help this great segment of the American economy." Sounds great until you find that these great Republicans all owe small businessmen, and women, millions of dollars for services rendered in their failed attempt to convince the American voter that they were different than Bill Clinton, or Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, who still owe, after nearly 7 years, millions of dollars to the small businesses that extended them credit in their attempt to deceive the voter. This is one reason that I am so against the professional politician and I consider Romney a professional politician..........I know........"Anybody but Obama". Yawn. Yawn. How about the Devil? He is not Obama. This is why I rant and rave that there is only one logical choice for Republican candidate for President, and that person is Allen West. I don't care about it being too late........if one is still breathing it is never too later. This nation fought a Revolution, and do you believe it was because a majority of the citizens were in favor of fighting Britain? No. The American Revolution was fought and won by a minority of Patriots. And this coming election is as important as was the Revolution of 1776. Draft Allen West, Now! Romney is not going to be able to save this Republic. Romney is a "Sissy Boy", and we need a Man.
Lord Howard Hurts

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