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The London Sporting Times, Interview With Lord Howard Hurts, by Nigel Smith

This past weekend, February 5, I was staying at the Riu Grand Palace near Maspalomas beach, on Gran Canari, when my phone rang up, and I found myself once again conversing with Nigel Smith, from The London Sporting Times. Nigel, in his usual high pitched, staccato punctuated, voice, employed me to grant him a phone interview dealing with my last posting on my freedomfiles. He noted that he was indeed interested in expanding on my claims that the American Presidential election of 2012 was nothing but a sham, and that the outcome will predictably be Obama............ reelected. Having been bored for the past 2 days from just sitting around and looking at the placid, azure, ocean, I granted Nigel an interview, and here is a copy of the final product that he provided me before publishing:

Interview With Lord Howard Hurts: Now American Citizen, By Choice

Nigel: Lord Howard, I thank you in advance for your granting me this interview. As your has a daily viewing of more than 10,000 reads, and in an article you posted a few weeks ago, you noted that nearly 30,000 hits had been made on a particular article, Hello, Union of Socialist States of America, January 20, 2012, I believe that you are on the way to becoming a voice in American politics. And as such, I want to let our reading public know more about you, a former British subject, and your new life in America........ as an American citizen. So without further ado, I ask you following:

Nigel: Lord Howard, it is apparent that you hold no love for the Obama certainly must be concerned about President Obama again getting elected, as he is getting the support, not only from the working class,  and the poor, but from the extreme upper class,  through his proposed legislation to make the rich pay more in taxes, and give back to American society more of that, that made them rich. It seems many of the very rich, in America, are in agreement with him.

Lord Hurts: Nigel. Nigel. Please contain your excitement. Obama is a fraud. If he really believed that he needed to pay more in taxes, he could just write a check to the American government, or he could write a personal check to some favorite charity. But please note, and note carefully, that this fraud of a President paid less than 2% of his income in charitable contributions, as verified by his posted tax return from 2010, from an income of over $1.7 million. At the same time, he calls anyone with an income over $250,000 a year, a member of "The Rich". Now please understand that this is just my recollection, and the exact amount might be slightly off, but I was not prepared for this interview.......... and I will give my answers from memory, the best I can. The same hypocrisy goes for the likes of Warren Buffett, an Obama supporter. This "stand" against the rich is just political illusion for the masses. Buffett has been in a dispute for years with the IRS, the American tax collector, over money he owes the government. Why is he disputing the tax mans figures? Why not just pay? America is truly a "Nation of Blind Sheep". 

Nigel: Surly, you would not talk in such a crude manner, as you do about President Obama, had I mentioned the Queen instead. It seems that with the "loss" of your British citizenship, you also lost your civility.

Lord Hurts: Get a grip, Nigel. You are wrong as usual. And no way did I lose my British citizenship. I gave it up, gladly. I speak my mind, and I think the consequences of that "speak". And when you make mention of the Queen, I am not sure if you are talking about the person residing at Buckingham Palace or The White House.

Nigel: Are you inferring that President Obama is gay?

Lord Hurts: I am inferring that my only actual knowledge of the sexual identity of President Obama is what I see, and what I gather from interviews to the press, and my guess is that he is in fact gay. Have you ever seen photos of Obama and Rahm Israel Emanuel together at the White House? Tell me that there is not something going on between these two.

Nigel: This is just nonsense and poppycock of course. But if in fact President Obama was gay, what result would that impinge on the American government, and /or it's citizens?

Lord Hurts: Well, transparency for one thing. How can one know about a potential candidate for public office unless that candidate is forthcoming and truthful? When a man who puts his supposed birth certificate on the Internet, and then refuses to let experts examine it for authenticity....this is a "red flag" moment for me. I am sure it is of no consequence for someone like you, though. And homosexuality is not, in my opinion, something that is conducive to forwarding the "seeds" of mankind to the future generations. 

Nigel: Please let me ask again. Where does the idea that President Obama is gay stem from?

Lord Hurts: It grows from his failure to provide transparency, his constant pushing of gay rights as some form of a "sub race" rather than a genetic error, and his complete failure to historically understand that there are men and women on this planet, and that they are of different.....say mindsets. That women are not "designed" for warrior duty. The forcing of our military to grant equal rights to both women, and men....... warriors,  only brings down the standards, and the strength of the U.S. military because the supposed equality is a false equality, as the actual standards employed are not the same. Women are physically less strong than men.....and that is an indisputable fact.  So they can not be equal as warriors. And by the way, the military is all about warriors and killing people. It is not about being a social program to promote some idealistic, socialist, view to the world. And in this same way homosexual men are not of the same mindset as......normal males. I know that there are all kinds of sociologists that will dispute me, but lets investigate their sexuality before we attribute their "knowledge" as "non partisan". 

Nigel: Are you saying that President Obama is not truthful to the American public?

Lord Hurts: That is exactly what I am saying. We don't even know if the birth certificate he posted on the Internet is an actual copy of his birth document. He has refused, because of supposed, privacy issues, to let distracters view the original birth certificate held in a vault in Hawaii. And there are many document experts that have stated that this posted document is nothing but a compost, not a "photo" copy of a  true birth certificate.........He has sighted privacy as the issue for not letting anyone view the original document. How could privacy be an issue when he posted the document on the Internet for the world to see? No......... This President is being shielded by the press, and the press is able to make any person who asks for proof seem to be a racist and a crazy person. Obama also refuses to submit his school grades, and student loans for review....this is most troubling. How did a man of modest means pay for his Harvard education? He speaks eloquently about his transparency, but when pressed for facts he is a "closed book".

Nigel: So you are comfortable with calling the President of the United States gay, and a liar?

Lord Hurts: Facts are Facts, and Pigs is Pigs. Do you have your "hearing ears" on?

Nigel: Very funny. I just want to get the facts straight. You seem to be spending so much time and effort writing negative articles about President Obama that I think the public needs to know if you have some hidden agenda as to this issue.

Lord Hurts: I have no hidden agenda. I have posted what I believe. I read and I think, and from that I form an opinion, and I write that opinion. Pure American behavior. Something that as a former British subject I was not able to it tradition or by law. I became an American citizen because this is where I found Freedom in this Unfree World. And I believe that America today is moved by the same absurd theories that motivated Dr. Pangloss, in Voltaire's, Candide. I believe that the American government is completely absorbed in theorizing,  as controlled by the "Harvard" thinking of the Obama Administration, that this is: The Best Of All Possible Worlds.......Try reading Candide.

Nigel: I find all this very interesting, but can you tell me why your are, at this time, in the Canary Islands?

Lord Hurts: I can, but I don't think I will. 

Nigel: Well my information is that you are here attempting to finance some type of politico-military take over of the United States government. That you are personally financing, maybe at a cost of 50 million American dollars, a new, third, political party called either, Christian Democrats or The Christian Soldiers. That you have had meetings,......secret meetings, at least twice in the past 3 months, there in the Canaries, with former U.S. military officers.......retired.

Lord Hurts: (a laugh by Lord Hurts). Nigel. Nigel. You are correct in that I have visited here several times in the past few months. I had turned all my......British property holdings over to my eldest son, Rob, and promised myself to never return to England, again. And as I am not completely satisfied with what is currently happening in America today, and as I fear that another Obama win will push America more towards total Socialism, I have been looking for a place to work from. I like the climate here on Canari, and that is my personal business.

Nigel: I don't think you have sufficiently answered my question on this issue.

Lord Hurts: I don't think, that if you review this recording, you will find that you asked me a question. I think that you will find that you made a statement instead.

Nigel: I agree. You are correct. But what I want to know is: Are you financing some type of Coup d'√Čtat using retired American military officers to oust Obama and his administration?

Lord Hurts: Firstly, a Coup d'Etat, is illegal according to American law. And even the planning of such is a violation of law. I am not a person who disrespects the law. I will admit that I have been talking with former U.S. military.....retired, officers. I am doing research for my postings at: And.......I had posted previously, in the past year, an article where I proposed a third political party, and suggested: Christian Democrats, as the name. And as for supplying 50 million dollars towards this goal.....that is my personal business..........but I do believe it would be money well spent. America has a two party system in name only. And unless "new blood" is introduced, the great experiment in Freedom will fail.

Nigel: Well, I have a source, a retired military officer, who has told me that you are financing, with 50 million dollars, from your personal wealth, a Coup d'Etat, and are covering it with the dressing of a Constitutional issue. "Preaching", and that is his word, that the Constitution gives the American military the power to defend the Constitution from all enemy's from within and foreign. And he further stated that you have paid the airfare for 2 retired U.S. military officers to come to Gran Canari in the past month or so.

Lord Hurts: Well you have one thing correct. The U.S. Constitution does give the American military the legal power to defend the Constitution of The United States from all enemy's.... ......domestic and foreign.....and I truly believe that Obama is an enemy from within....... A Marxist. But your other stated facts are just wrong. You may have been given information from some retired American military officer, but you need to do more checking. I am here at the Riu Grand Palace to assure myself that I in fact do live in the "Best Of All Possible Worlds". And so far, this is more than confirmed by the beautiful azure ocean views that "feast my eyes" as I look out these massive glass doors...... I am so glad that you follow me, and read my postings. Take Care, and do read: Candide, by Voltaire.

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