Thursday, February 23, 2012

Malcolm X Is Father Of Obama

Here are the results of my investigation into the Obama birth certificate: The certificate posted on the Internet by Obama is clearly a fake. It is layered and this proves that it is not a true copy of his original birth certificate. Because Obama will not let anyone examine the original on record in the vault in Hawaii, the suspicion that he has no birth certificate in Hawaii  is a most valid suspicion. 

Now you take this valid suspicion and think: Obama is not totally stupid. The entire Congress is not totally stupid. And the suspicion of Obama not having been born in Hawaii as he has stated, many times, and written about, in his "self puffing books" is "raw meat" for someone looking to be elected to Congress. Yet, nobody has used this birth certificate issue to gain election. So the suspicion of not being born in Hawaii becomes an issue of something written on the original document that Obama doesn't want anyone to know about. Now what could be written on the birth certificate that Obama doesn't want anyone to know?

There are two answers: 1. Died at birth, and  2. The name of his father is not Obama Sr. Of the two, the most logical is that his birth certificate has another name listed for Father. And I predict that this name is Malcolm X. And I say this because in my investigation I compared a photo of Malcolm X, and a photo of Obama Sr.,  against a current photo of President Obama. Not a perfect match, but totally eliminating Obama Sr. from the "running". It is also known that both Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and Obama Sr. were friends of Malcolm X during the year 1960.  Birth certificate mystery solved. End of wishful thinking, and total proof that Obama is a Natural Born Citizen, and qualifies by the Constitution, to be President.  Sorry about that "Born In Kenya Birthers".  So it is time to get a Republican who can defeat this Marxist, Obama, and the ones still standing are just a bunch of "Sissy Boys", nice people in regular life for sure, but not the caliber of person needed to undo all the Socialist leanings of the past 70 years. It is time to get a real candidate, U.S. Rep. Allen West of Florida, is my choice. If there should be a brokered event, I, Lord Howard Hurts will give a check for $50 million dollars to a PAC to promote the election of Allen West, Lt. Col. retired.
Lord Howard Hurts    

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