Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freedom Is Not Easy, and Easy Is Not Freedom

As I sit in my new luxury "digs" near San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, surrounded by beauty in all shapes and forms, I lazily turn to my favorite web site: and find this: 

February 14, 2012 - 7:30 pm
Dear Lord,

Of course its boring to you. But that is not the issue. What is important is that we don’t just preach to the choir, We must educate those less erudite than you! Get off the soap box and onto the dais and get out and scream about it. Sir, its up to us to change them, not to yell at ourselves, we are already there, and we agree!!! Yelling and whining about what we should do is just whining if there is no action to follow on!

Yawn. Yawn. I should expect such. This morning I had planned on working with my newly purchased parrot, an African Grey, that I have named Smoker. A name I chose in regards to his former owners habit of smoking a prodigious quantity of Jamaican ganja each and every day. The fact of the matter is that this poor bird was subject to those "Vapors from hell" as he was, for most of the daylight hours, sitting on the shoulder of this uninspired loafer. It is most docile bird for sure, and I hope that the "Vapors from Hell" have not rendered his "bird brain" unable to keep a thought. So just to keep the "uninformed" up to speed:  I had wanted to purchase a parrot since I arrived here in Costa Rica; to sort of "blend in" with the locals; and as African Greys are noted to be the best of all talkers, I shall endeavor to train Smoker to say, "Obama must go, Now!"........  to act as sort of a cheer leader to keep me on track with my mission. 

I will finally get to the matter of the "slite", and I do apologize for my regression into personal tasks, but this balmy weather, and high elevation, makes it difficult to find fault with anyone. And this might be the reason for the famed disposition of the Ticos (what Costa Ricans refer to themselves as)........ quiet, forgiving, and friendly to a fault. 

SUAadmin,  I assure you that I stand on no soap box. My cries are driven by my Patriotism to the Constitution......and that for which it stands. I have chosen to be an American. I am not someone who was born here, and to whom citizenship is viewed as a means to gain monetary security by selling ones soul to the highest bidder....... or more to the point: The politician who will hand out the most tax money for doing nothing more than pulling a lever. I see both the problems and the solutions. Whereas most natural born citizens see only the problems. 

The main problem with the political system, of this nation, is that the two major parties are equally destructive. For education to create a change, there needs to be a third and distinctive political party. A "Banner" if you will,........... so that the people of like mind can get behind it, and begin the Revolution.  Again, not to be redundant for the sake of "hearing my own voice", but take the examples of Joan of Arc, or King David. America needs someone to come forward and be the Standard-Bearer, and my choice today is Allen West, retired Lt. Col., of Florida. 

Now before I go back to working with Smoker, I want readers to know that I sometimes get information about Iran. It may be true, and it may be fiction. But here is the latest:

Iran wants to be the power in the mid east, and revive the old Persian empire prestige. They know that they can not attack America in a  conventional manner, so they employ simple tactics that can bring down this nation similar to the flying of planes into the Twin Trade Towers. They are employing forest fires throughout the west, and will be doing the same in the east, to accomplish what their bombs can not do. This summer will see more and more of these massive fires.  Most military strategists know that if the enemy country is destroyed then why the war? But Iran wants to make a statement. Look for dirty nuclear bombs in high population areas of the nation. Also, let Europe fight their own wars, for once, and let them defend the Strait of Hormuz themselves. Keep American warships out of this future" Pearl Harbour". Iran is gearing up, and with the support of China and Russia, this next year looks to be disruptive at best. American needs the Canadian pipeline now, and any congressman who is against it needs to go, Now! Israel will be history unless the U.S. takes offensive action against Iran immediately. There is no other option. It is either death by a thousand small cuts, or death in one big confrontation. Death by a thousand cuts just builds boldness on the part of other weaker nations, so: Confrontation Now!, is the only realistic option. Freedom is not Easy, and Easy is not Freedom.

Lord Howard Hurts

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